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The Weekly Editors' Picks

If you can’t make your own dress out of discarded candy wrappers, shopping for it online is the next best thing. And while there’s no shortage of actual serious news to keep track of this week, add these things to your list and consider it a little self-care stint to browse to your heart’s content (you deserve it). Below, all the items we’re obsessing over this week.

Skincredible! Sandalwood Revitalizing ElixirThis magical potion has changed my skin! This in an all-encompassing treatment that works on blemishes, scars, dry skin, and discoloration. It was originally intended for rosacea, but works wonders on all skin types to give you that radiant, plump glow. Also, the first ingredient printed on the label is “Unconditional love and gratitude.” Trust me, it’s true. – Bianca

Anita Berisha Daisy Hoop EarringsEarrings are the key to expressing yourself. Anita Berisha is the place the shop for the most unique pieces for your summer looks. I am so obsessed with this pair of mix and match floral earrings that will go perfectly with a breezy off-the-shoulder top. I have never seen anything like these babies. Not to mention Anita Berisha also specializes in chokers and bridal pieces. Take a look! – Bianca

“The Carry-on” by AwaySummer is upon us, and with it, vacation, and with that, the search for the perfect practical luggage! Be easy my concerned readers, for I have found it. Sexy, affordable and functionalcan you think of anything else that fits the same bill? Right, none. This baby comes equipped with a built-in battery to charge your phone, a laundry bag to separate your dirty intimates from your fancy drags, a combination lock to protect said dirty intimates, and a scratch resistant surface for anyone concerned with the cosmetics of his or her carry-on. – Brandon

Essie Wild Nudes CollectionEssie has recently adopted this amazing summer mantra of “clothing is optional, but a mani is mandatory.” Can’t say I disagree. Their new nudes collection is every color that you’d ever wanted, muted and classy AF for maximum coordinating potential. The new line just dropped, so if you wanna snatch up one of these babies, the time is now. – Emma

Foo and FooThe streets are alive and bustling with excitement over summer fashion, now that it seems our dreadful NYC winter is truly dead. RIP bitch. One brand that seems to have come out of nowhere is Foo and Foo, which a friend texted me was the “ULTIMATE cool” brand. After trying out their rad pierced sweatshirts and tees, I can see why. Also, doesn’t hurt that the designer Elizabeth Hilfiger includes some strong, progressive messaging against homophobia, xenophobia, racism, and all that other shit we hate. – Mathias

Arcona REOZONE 40Like I just said, summer is here and that means it’s time to pull out the sunscreen. Actually, you should wear sunscreen every day, and Arcona’s become our new go to. It’s light and actually soothes your skin, which is a nice touch. Their new REOZONE 40 doesn’t have the grease that a lot of competitors do, and is totally safe to put on your face. – Mathias

Sunday ForeverSundays give me anxiety like nothing else. You know that moment where it shifts from the weekend to a crippling fear of the week ahead? Well that’s what the brand Sunday Forever is here to fix; Sunday’s are actually supposed to be really chill, and this company’s here to not only help you out on that dreaded staple of our calendars, but actually make you wish it were Sunday forever. Products for “leisure enthusiasts” include kimonos, crystals, bracelets, and their latest candle, Tanlines. – Mathias

Billions‘Billions’ has the perfect amount of crime to politics to humor, in a battle between two powerful New York figures. There is something for everyone in the show. With an amazing cast and the perfect amount of drama to keep up with, it’s a must-watch! – Katie

Lead graphic by Jordan Levinson

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