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The Weekly Editors' Picks: Coachella Edition

It’s that time of year again: festival season is upon us, and Coachella is here to get the party started, the right way. And while we’re not exactly running the thing (yet), we’re following close behind with a slew of goodies that just might be the best thing you ever bought before entering the desert for a three-day jaunt of music and art madness. So, without further ado, peep our picks below, Coachella-style.

LEGSMARKET Flame CaseThis phone case is hotter than the desert sun. If your phone case doesn’t match your outfit these days, then do you even know what fashion is? Head over to Legs Market to get your case game on point, or is it on fleek? Lit? Litty? You decide. – Bianca

Lowell Farms Cannabis Flower CrownThe Coachella flower crown has become one of the most despised inventions of all time. There’s like, Crocs, Cronuts, and then flower crowns. But not anymore. This new Cannabis Crown says a lot of things: you’re over the basic crowns that people have been wearing for years, you love weed, and you love decorating your head with weed. It might sound like we’re joking, but we actually love this new take on the old staple. Highly recommend, ten out of ten. – Mathias

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch SunscreenIn the midst of the dancing in the desert, pale people like myself tend to burn quickly. I love this sunscreen and it doesn’t fuck with my makeup. Plus, not too pricey! – Jordan

Giant Vintage EyewearI know, I know, I know—Coachella is around the corner and you have your tickets, a place to stay, your Levi cut-offs, but no dope eyewear!!! I gotchu’. Check out the super wide selection of shades, priced nice and affordably, made available to you by the Gods of chic shades, Giant Vintage. Among their vast e-commerce sea of specs, you’re sure to find the yellow-tinted lenses that you’re (probably) looking for. Trust. – Brandon

Worn On x DALMATA Wallet ChainsDo you want to be responsible but not have to compromise your badass look? Okay, buy one of these. Attach one end to your belt loop, the other end to your keys and pop that baby in your pocket. Chains are GREAT for making sure you don’t lose your keys and I have a distinct feeling that may be something of interest for those of you going to Coachella, thriving under the influence of who knows what. You definitely don’t want to have to worry about the keys to your Californian desert Airbnb precariously hanging in your shallow denim pockets as you dance your sexy dance to the inaugurating soundtrack of summer. Also, they just look cool. – Brandon

Angel Oloshove x Olive Opal PipeSuper cute candy colored ceramic pipe from Olive. This guy is the perfect Coachella accessory for the aesthetically-inclined person who wants a puff of something good. – Emma

Lead graphic by Jordan Levinson

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