In the interest of prepping for Fashion Week 2K17, we're bringing you a list of our survival must-haves.



The MILK.XYZ Weekly Editors' Picks: Fashion Week Edition

The madness has begun: with NYFW 2K17 officially underway, and our closets heaving with the stress of answering the question “What the hell do I wear??” there’s only direction in which to focus this week’s picks: prep. Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite items to get you both in the stylish mood, and still stay completely sane after all’s said and done (can you say Netflix and chill?). No matter where you are on the spectrum of fashion week stress, consider these your must-haves:

Vitality Aromatherapy OilPalermo Body knows how to set the mood, and by literally miraculous timing I somehow received this Vitality Oil on the morning of one much-anticipated second date. The Vitality Oil is meant to spark “spontaneity and inner-confidence” and it certainly did. That said, I would highly recommend if you need a little pick-me-up, regardless of if your evening plans are fashion week-related or not. – Emma

Golden Goose SneakersI’m always on the hunt for new sneakers, which probably isn’t the most practical thing, but what can ya do? These Golden Goose sneakers are a classic, white high-top sneaker with a red, glitter star for detail. They give the perfect “I just woke up and threw these on” look while looking dope AF. Also, with Fashion Week in full swing, they are easy to slip on and off between shows and go with everything from skinny jeans to flare pants. – Adair

Miaouxx Morgan PantsI found these pants on Instagram a few months back and I’m still obsessed. The fit, fabric, and the silver details are so unique and something no other brand is doing. They are the perfect mix of 2000s Britney meets Reformation. They are the perfect pant for playing all day and running around at Fashion Week. – Adair

Fuck Bad Vibes by Anese
Since the total solar eclipse (ever heard of it?), I’ve made a commitment to being less petty all around and proactively pursue the personal goals and needs I have ignored/put on the back burner so far in 2017. One of my longterm forever goals regarding life is to have the ability to engage and live in vibes that are supportive of whatever it is that I’m doing. Fuck bad vibes, from Anese, is the $26 remedy that is a must-have when you’ve run out of spells or are waiting for the next full moon. – AJ

Lead graphic by Jordan Levinson

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