MoMA is releasing an exhibition centered around iconic items in fashion, including Levi's 501s, the ultimate classics.



The MoMA Is Going To Display 99 Of Fashion's Most Essential Garments

The MoMA is releasing a new exhibit that “explores the past, present, and future of 99 items,” titled Items: Is Fashion Modern? The iconic pieces selected were chosen for the indelible marks they’ve left on history and society. This includes Doc Martens, the little black dress, and OG Levis—to name just a few. In addition to those that have directly influenced fashion, the exhibit will also include traditional pieces such as yarmulkes, a skullcap worn by Jewish men, and keffiyehs, Arab kerchiefs. 

shabbat with style
Shabbat with style!

Each piece will be presented with contextual materials that show the item’s historical development, representing its past, as well as complementary objects that highlight the item in its present. Some pieces will even have accompanying “prototypes” to represent the future . The MoMA encourages looking at fashion in a broader way, looking at the object rather than the designer, and also “consider[ing] the many relationships between fashion and functionality, cultural etiquettes, aesthetics, politics, labor, identities, economies, and technology.”

the iconic plain white t-shirt
A white t-shirt: fashion’s ultimate iconic item.

Even though MoMA has displayed fashion at their Istanbul and PS1 location, such as archival Hussein Chalayan garments, and an Eckhaus Latta collection, they’ve never displayed fashion exhibits in Manhattan on such a grand scale before. The Met has generally owned NYC fashion exhibitions, with such blockbusters as Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty, or last year’s China: Through the Looking Glass. 

Items opens December 2017, but this coming May there will be a two-day event serving as an external research discussion about how the designs we wear affect us and our surroundings. There will also be an abecedarian display of clothing, where 26 iconic garments will represent each letter of the alphabet. For example, A is for Nike Air, and H is for hoodie. For those who love fashion and organization, it sounds extremely satisfying.

Images via 9gag, MoMA, and Levi’s.

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