The "Netflix and Chill Button" is a Real Thing

Netflix just realized that their name is now synonymous with something other than midnight binging. Over the weekend, they released a prototype for a device that will guarantee the smooth and efficient facilitation of sexytimes. It’s called the Switch—or the official Netflix and Chill Button.

The Switch is a little wooden cube with a single white button, and it might just be the most groundbreaking mood-setter of our generation. Sync the device with your smartphone, your television and even your lighting system, and you now have the ability to watch Netflix, silence your devices, order takeout and dim the lights with just the push of a button. Literally.


It’s the kind of device you’d expect to find in a 1950’s bachelor pad—it almost seems like it should start playing Tom Jones and make the walls flip around, revealing a zebra-striped bed and a fully-stocked bar. We’ll wait for that in the update.

Though the Switch is still just a prototype, Netflix understands that you absolutely need this in your life right now, so they provides step-by-step instructions for those who want to build their own.

The days of awkwardly pausing Netflix, ordering food on your phone, and getting off the couch to dim the lights are over. The future is now. Just, please, practice safe Switching.

Image via Netflix

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