Nothing takes the edge off better than a roundup of flicks that scream “it could be worse.”



The November Netflix Roundup: Crazy Family Edition

The days ’til Thanksgiving are numbered (three to be exact) and if you’re low key dreading the annual fam-filled gathering, you’re not alone. As thankful as we are for our dysfunctional relatives, there’s nothing that takes the edge off better than a roundup of flicks that scream “it could be worse.” Now without further ado, allow us to present our strategically curated Netflix roundup full of families crazier than your own that’ll have you feeling extra #blessed in time for Thursday.


Any native Texan watching a Linklater film will have immediate bias toward his work—Boyhood, in particular, because of the film’s three part extended homage to the Lone Star State. That said, this saga of a boy’s rocky-yet-loving childhood will pull at literally anyone’s heartstrings, so the rest of you will be subject to *all the feels,* too. Cry all you want to—just not at the dinner table.


Alicia Silverstone gives us a performance made of pure solid gold in Clueless (as you surely already know), but we’d be damned if we actually had to live her reality. Luckily, Cher’s life is 100% fake and yours is 100% real and (hopefully) a lot less of a circus.

Sixteen Candles 

Before Cher, there was Samantha (aka the one and only Molly Ringwald, ‘80s brat pack darling)—a much less glamorous, probably much more relatable teenager brimming with angst and every other extreme on the emotion spectrum. Cringe and sigh simultaneously at the nostalgia-fest that is Sixteen Candles.

Moonrise Kingdom 

A classic example of the genius that is Wes Anderson, Moonrise Kingdom is unrelenting in its quest to illustrate the most quirky, cringe-worthy, just plain fucking cute adolescent love story there is. Think of the *most* embarrassing/awkward thing you’ve ever done (at Thanksgiving or otherwise)—here’s betting it doesn’t even hold a candle to pretty much every scene in this entire movie.

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