Four cocktails a day keeps the doctor away?



The Queen of England Could Probably Outdrink You

We all know that the Queen of England enjoys the simple pleasures of life: good food, good wine and plenty of Corgis. It’s true, our beloved Elizabeth II famously takes her royal meals very seriously, banning garlic from every dish and refusing to travel without a slice of her favorite chocolate biscuit cake. But did you know just how much of a culinary enthusiast she really is? For one, did you know that her Royal Majesty enjoys not one, not two, not three, but FOUR cocktails every day? Well, we’ve dug up the list of said cocktails, along with all of her favorite accompanying meals.

Darren McGrady, former royal chef and author of the book Eating Royally, has revealed many of the Queen’s go-to drinks and meals. First thing’s first, she famously enjoys her favorite, gin and Dubonnet, with a slice of lemon and a lot of ice right before lunch. Then, McGrady told the Telegraph that her Majesty pairs her lunch of fish and vegetables with a glass of white wine and a piece of chocolate. Travel and Leisure also reported that she often enjoys and classic dry gin martini with her lunch, according to her cousin Margaret Rhodes.

Finally, after her detox of herbal afternoon tea and cake, the Queen will end her day with a light, starch-less dinner and a fine glass of champagne.

Apparently, for the 91-year-old, four drinks a day keeps the doctor away!

Source: Travel and Leisure

Images via Travel and Leisure, Business Insider

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