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1/10 — Freddie Mercury of Queen (© Scott Booker)



The Smithsonian Wants Your Wild Mosh Pit Photos

We know you like to rock ’n’ roll. We also know you like to take photos, a lot of them. The Smithsonian knows, too, and they want to see them, in all of their grungy glory. Yes, that Smithsonian.

The institution recently unveiled a website where people can submit images of musicians by the concertgoers themselves, whether on “Instamatics or Instagram.” All images will be available to  view online. The best of them will be featured alongside photos by professionals in an upcoming book, authored by music industry exec Bill Bentley.

It doesn’t matter if they were taken on an iPhone or a Fuji, in the ’70s or last weekend, at a festival or a seedy, little club in the LES—all moments are welcome, and the more candid, the better. There are obviously a lot of photographers who do an incredible job at capturing the nitty-gritty of various cities’ music scenes. But, as the Smithsonian understands, nothing quite compares to getting a sense of a scene exactly how it was lived. 

The book, planned for release sometime in the fall of 2017, will “illustrate rock ’n’ roll as it has never been seen before,” says the Smithsonian, on their website. And, every month, the Smithsonian or special guests (like the Flaming Lips) will spotlight their favorite entries. So, get uploading—we know you have some stories to tell.

Images by Roberta Bayley, Greg Chow, Peter Muise, Chris Sikich, Scott Booker, Hank Trotter, Ted Barron and Robert Miller.

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