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There Is A New Rihanna Song! Anti Is Real!

I’m thinking it, you’re thinking it, and we’re all pretty concerned. And, with the recent release of Rihanna and Drake’s “Work,” we’ve just about lost all patience. “Work” is great. Thank God for “Work” (words we never thought we’d say). So where the hell is ANTI?

It’s time we try to dissect Rihanna’s new album. Two days ago, she tweeted a picture of herself wearing an insanely ornate pair of Dolce & Gabbana headphones, listening to the album that’s supposed to come out…uh…soon? But considering it’s been about a year since the release of the first track off that album, “FourFiveSeconds,” we’re left feeling a little meh about the tweet, and overall pretty deprived.

Tickets for Rihanna’s tour went on sale December 3rd, but the album still purports to be “coming soon.” A likely story. After a full-on investigation, my brain feels like a trashed hotel room scattered with pieces of evidence strung to photos with way too many scribbled-on question marks. Set to begin February 26th, the world tour is now less than a month away, and yet we’re still without the album it’s meant to promote. What, in the name of bad gals everywhere, is happening with ANTI and why isn’t it here? Something is definitely up. Here’s our breakdown of the puzzling and turbulent release of ANTI.

After “FourFiveSeconds” dropped in January of last year, “Bitch Better Have My Money” followed in March. Rihanna performed the badass-bitch ballad at the second iHeartRadio Music Awards later that month. Anticipation was rising and Rihanna had us in the palm of her hand with that Lil Kim-style green fur coat. Sick, right?

Now let’s fast forward to later in the year…

On Nov. 1st, her father, Ronald Fenty, told The Sun that Rihanna wasn’t quite comfortable with the album yet and might delay the release. Fenty claimed, “She has some things she likes but wants something more. To her it’s not ready. She doesn’t know which of the 26 songs to use. She’s still looking for fresh material and has the energy for it.”

Then, the album was set to be released through Tidal on November 27th, which—you guessed it—did not end up happening.

Later that month, ANTIdiaRY came along, which now seems like the best distraction for the delay of her new album. Samsung’s collaboration with Rihanna is an interactive game you can play on your mobile device to find clues in a series of super creepy rooms. I, for one, forgot all about the album when I heard about the game. A new room opened every couple of weeks just to keep you on the edge of your seat, but so far the mobile website doesn’t reveal any clues about the release of the album. Now there’s only one room left to open.

If the $25 million partnership with Samsung is a big promotion for ANTI’s release date, I won’t be impressed. That would be a supremely excessive—and, in my opinion, highly unlikely—move. It’s more likely that some more brail and creepy kids are awaiting you in the eighth room than ANTI’s release date.

And then—BOOM, December rolled around and Rihanna still hadn’t even confirmed which tracks would be on ANTI. In an interview with BBC2, Sia claimed she had a business meeting with Rihanna to discuss which of the 25 songs was going to debut on the album.

And then there’s songwriter Glass John, who, towards the end of December, had a lot to say about this never-ending delay of Rihanna’s album. Through a series of tweets that were either fueled with passion or alcohol, John claimed that Travi$ Scott, one of the featured artists on the album, was the one who instilled doubt in Rihanna all along. John referred to Rihanna as his wife throughout the rant, which honestly made me uncomfortable, and then tweeted at Travis Scott that he would beat his ass if he ever put Rihanna in danger. DAMN. So, the album release is getting a little dramatic. A quick scroll through John’s tweets could possibly be the evidence of a future restraining order. Who knows? There aren’t any sources proving that John’s accusations or the relationship with Rihanna are true… awkwaaaaaaard.

Now January is upon us and the world tour date is coming in not so hot. Rihanna’s track list leaked, but we’re not really sure how to feel about it, mainly because we still don’t have access to the music. The list revealed 22 songs that include collaborations with J. Cole, Drake, Travis Scott, and Azealia Banks. Now that we can confirm the album definitely exists, we can calm down a little bit, but how much longer is Rihanna going to spend tweaking it?

Rihanna’s tour starts in a month for an album that could drop any second, but we’ve been hearing that rumor since November. And it’s not a great look for the naughty gal that artists like Travis Scott, The Weeknd, and Kanye West—all featured on the album— have released more new hits than Rihanna herself.

West’s G.O.O.D Fridays have us hooked; each week he delivers a new track through Soundcloud, and each week Kim inevitably delivers a tweet endorsing it. We get excited because we’re being rewarded for our patience. We live in a world where Netflix reigns over cable. We’re a “now” kind of generation. So with all these delays, is the anticipation fading? The gap between now and her tour is closing in, getting ever more tighter, and—to be quite honest—our excitement is dissipating.

Images courtesy of Hypetrak.

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