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There's a New 'Mean Girls' Burn Book And It's Dragging Trump

The Trump administration has inspired some of the best protest art that the world has ever seen. Marches and protests consistently produce creative, hilarious, and poignant posters that truly say what everyone else is thinking—naturally, they often spread across social media like wildfire.

After the Women’s’ March on Washington, which inspired thousands of insanely creative posters, they’ve become a staple at every march and political rally against the Trump administration’s dangerous agenda. At a recent protest, activists took to the streets armed with posters that portrayed the Trump administration straight out of the Mean Girls Burn Book—and, right on cue, the internet lost its shit.‘Betsy DeVos is a grotsky little byotch,’ reads one. ‘Steve Bannon is a fat virgin (still half true),’ reads another.Mean Girls has become an iconic movie to many millennials so, even out of context, the witty and hilarious one-liners are instantly recognizable. The photos of these hilarious posters have been shared over 60,000 times on Facebook, so we can only hope that the Trump team have caught wind of the mega-insulting display.

Images via The Jerusalem Post, Twitter, and Getty Images

Stay tuned to Milk for more fetch ways to combat the Trump administration.

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