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There's an Actual Art Gallery for Selfies Now

The angle of the phone, the tilt of the chin, proximity of lens to face – selfies are without a doubt a weird cultural zeitgeist turned mathematical calculation. In addition to being a point of serious deliberation, the sheer amount of selfies has turned the act into an art form. In an ode to le selfie, King and Mcgaw are opening a pop-up exhibit in Shoreditch, London, titled The Art of the Selfie.

For the next week and a half, the exhibit will be derailing the selfie, looking to its origins in self-portraiture and the niche skill of taking a selfie. The temporary exhibit will also look to the psychological underpinnings of the phenomenon. I think, therefore I am – therefore I can take a selfie? We’re not sure what exactly underlies turning the camera on yourself, but I bet Descartes and other beloved philosopher-farts would have a field day duking it out.

Does this collar make me look like a peasant?

The pop-up gallery will be open until November 14th, so if you happen to be in the East London hood, stop by. Take a selfie with a selfie if you’re feeling super meta.

Be sure to check out the gallery’s page here.

Images via Styrelson, Cincinnati

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