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The Undisputedly Weirdest Haunted Places In The U.S.

As Halloween approaches, the world becomes a veritable playground for the morbidly curious. Ghosts are hunted for in every shadow and under every bed and creaky floorboard. People from all over come to New York to go on one of the city’s many haunted walking tours, hoping to make some fleeting contact with the netherworld.

Graveyards and haunted houses are fun, but they’re also a little cliche. Truly terrifying are the phantoms that lurk in the places one least expects. Here are some of the weirdest haunted spots in the US.

1. Pizza Hut 

Public bathrooms are already pretty scary. Public bathrooms in the middle of nowhere even more so. But the bathroom at the Pizza Hut in Centereach, Long Island might be the scariest of them all. Upon entering the bathroom, one will supposedly “feel cold spots and hear whispering.” Such happenings are attributed to the spirit of a man whose life was tragically taken back in the good old days, when the Pizza Hut was still a Jack in the Box.

"Contract or not, I will not bow to any [haunted] sponsor."
“Contract or not, I will not bow to any [haunted] sponsor.”
2. New York Subway Stations

There is a seemingly inexhaustible list of urban legends surrounding New York’s underground. And while there may not be any alligators living in the sewer system, the city’s hidden tunnels are not without their mysteries. There are many long-abandoned Subway Stations, the most impressive and eerie of which might be the City Hall Loop. And while there are no widely-accepted rumors of ghosts in Subway stations abandoned or in-use, the spirits are there, and easy to uncover if you know what to look for. Take this person’s video of what appears to be a haunted L Train stop, for example.

3. Toys ‘R’ Us

This megastore in Sunnydale, California (which is right over a hellmouth!) was built on land once occupied by an old orchard. Now, it’s said to be home to a ghost of one of the orchard’s farmhands, named Johnson (or Crazy Johnny). Legend has it that Johnson fell in love with the orchard owner’s daughter, who did not return his feelings. While chopping wood to alleviate some of his sexual frustration, Johnson hacked at his own foot and promptly bled to death. Since the Toys ‘R’ Us went up in 1971, there have been countless reports of toys flying off shelves, ghostly fingers running through female employees’ hair, and mysterious happenings in the female restroom. Perhaps Johnny is still heartbroken about his crush, or just the fact that they built a Toys ‘R’ Us where the orchard used to be.

So… many… creepy dolls…

4. 12 Gay Street

There’s something queer going on in Manhattan’s West Village. This three-story building on Gay street was built in 1827 and has lived many lives since—it was a speakeasy called the Pirate’s Den, and later home to puppeteer Frank Paris (Howdy Doody, anyone? Horrifying). Now, it’s completely empty and on the market. Empty, that is, except for the ghost. A phantasmic figure in a top hat has been seen (and heard) walking along the building’s creaky wooden floors. Some say it’s the ghost of former Mayor Jimmy Walker, who purchased it in the 1920s.

Omg, that exposed brick. I die.

5. Moon River Brewing Co.

In Savannah, Georgia, there exists a spooky brewery where anonymous ghosts get drunk and a little too touchy-feely. The building, now owned by the Moon River Brewing Company, was originally a hotel built upon the ashes of the Great Fire of 1820. Many people speculate that the building is now haunted by the souls that perished in the fire that obliterated two thirds of the city’s structures. Ghost tours are frequently offered at the brewery, where even nonbelievers claim to have run-ins with the supernatural. Often reported are tactile experiences, feelings of walking through spiderwebs and of fingers on the neck among them.

I’m only here for the boos.

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