Despite the deluge of misogyny that Trump seems to spew daily, there are still an alarming number of women who are standing by his side. Meet #Women4Trump, your worst nightmare.



Why Are These Women So Passionate About Donald Trump?

Tila Tequila, Azealia Banks, Sarah Palin, and Ann Coulter are all relatively well-known women in their respective fields of entertainment and politics. Though they all seem to have different backgrounds and career paths, one common interest unite these women—their endorsement of Donald Trump.

This may seem pretty surprising because of Trump’s rather unsettling history of degrading women. He has tweeted about sexual assault in the military, suggesting it’s inevitable when you put men and women in such close quarters together; once called a lawyer “disgusting” for pumping breast milk; and once said in an Esquire interview that “it doesn’t matter what [the media] write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of [ass].” The New York Times recently published an article detailing some of ways in which Trump has crossed the line with women—whether they be former employees, beauty pageant contestants, or romantic partners.

Please, someone, make it stop.

Despite all this (and more), there are women out there who are all about Trump, as evidenced by both the Twitter account @Women4Trump (over 11,100 followers) and the Facebook fan page “Women for Donald Trump” (18,542 likes). And in case you’re dubious of follower and like counts, Fox News reports that, currently, 65 percent of Republican women view him favorably. Tears ensue

Apparently, these supporters prefer Trump and his honesty over “brain dead” Senator Ted Cruz and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as one Twitter user put it. Oh, and because they’re “Lairs.” Though this may not be true of every single one of them, the majority of Trump’s female supporters tend to fill their Twitter feeds with disdain for Clinton and President Obama, occasional sympathy for Senator Bernie Sanders, Fox News retweets, angry Benghazi tweets, and their anti-transgender opinions.

Women4Trump…an obviously commendable bunch of ladies.

There are even self-identifying feminists who are Trump supporters. 18-year-old Donna-Gayle Shelton apparently feels that there are “bigger issues to be dealt with” and Trump’s comments on women only “bother [her] a little bit.” And that does seem to be the general consensus; on Twitter, Trump’s female supporters rarely bring up their favored candidate’s disparaging comments about women. Rather, they wax poetry on his proposed plans or focus on Clinton’s flaws by using hashtags like #NeverHillary and #crookedhillary. When they do bring up gender, it’s, again, all about Hillary Clinton; like women who support Sanders, Trump’s female supporters barely factor in Clinton’s gender when choosing their favored candidate.

But of all the pro-Trump tweets coming from women, the one below has to be the most egregious. “CLASS ACT”? In all caps? Really?

To each their own…or something.

Images via and the Daily Mail.

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