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These Cotton Candy Rings are the New Ring Pops

Face it, being nihilistic is expensive. You have to wear all black all the time, and then you have to make sure that your blacks actually match. You have to read lot of Nietzsche. You have to take a speech class to learn how to pronounce “Nietzsche”. It’s hard :(

Need a wearable metaphor for the fleeting nature of life that you don’t have to take out a loan for? Try these cotton candy rings by Dutch designer Martijntje Cornelia.

That’s right, these rings feature actual pieces of cotton candy worked into wearable plastic rings. Cornelia, who has used cotton candy to create everything from dolls to backpacks to an entire suit, is inspired by the material’s mutability. As any proper sugar junkie would know, it tends to change shape when it comes into contact with…well, anything, really. It’s what makes the process of creating these pieces so rewarding, and why according to Cornelia “every individual piece [of jewelry] equals: life.” Because life’s hard :( ever-changing. 

The lucky Dutch will get to see some of Cornelia’s work live and in person at SIERAAD and Dutch Design Week. But have no fear, fellow Americans. The artist’s latest rings are available on Etsy. Just don’t come crying to her if your ring melts into oblivion. 

C’est la vie!

Images via Martijntje Cornelia’s website

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