Jewelbot bracelets, designed to help girls learn to code.



These Friendship Bracelets Teach Girls How to Code, Welcome 2 The Future

Through the years, charm bracelets have survived the fluctuating stylings of middle school girls. In the 90s, slap bracelets were fetch, adding an element of slapstick violence to school hallways. In the mid-2000s, Silly Bandz personalized looks with a flurry of multicolored wristbands that could take the shape of favorite animals, ice cream cones, and everything in between. Today, co-creators Brooke Moreland and Sara Chipps are hoping that bracelets will directly translate into digital coding passion for girls with their new product, Jewelbots.

“The goal of Jewelbots is to introduce girls to computer science in a fun, relevant, and social way,” the duo told STORY. In order to achieve that goal, the bracelets come with limited functionality out of the box. Using the included app, girls can set their wearable tech to light up and glow when friends are nearby, or they can send each other discreet, haptic messages through the wristband’s buttons. Secret messaging between tweens–truly, a substitute teacher’s worst nightmare.

However, a bunch of additional features are available to those girls willing to adventure into the world of coding. Using simple “if/then” statements on the app, girls can set up features like social media integration, light-up notifications for SMS and phone calls, and, if they’re really into it, they can dive into the open-source coding and program the device to do just about anything. A friendship bracelet with a built-in “Call Pizza Hut” button? A light up wristband alarm? Or, as their website suggests, a bracelet with the ability to fly a drone? Who run the world? Girls who code.

"We just secretly agreed to skip school after lunch! Thanks Jewelbots!"
“We just secretly agreed to skip school after lunch! Thanks Jewelbots!”

Up until now, wearable tech has been limited to the Fitbit flexers and the Iris Apfels of the world. Hopefully, Jewelbots’ open-source angle will encourage girls to really pry into their electronics, fueling a new generation of curiosity in tech. These light-up, programmable friendship bracelets are due to release later this year, giving us just enough time to go soul searching and find our tru friendz 4evr!!!!

Images via Jewelbots.

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