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1/8 — National Drama Theatre, Pyongyang



These North Korean Interiors Are the Most Satisfying Thing Ever

There are few things that feel inaccessible in the digital age, where everything is a quick Google search away. However, the Internet is imperfect, and there’s some information that’s a little harder to obtain – namely the daily lives of the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea. Now, with the Tumblr North Korean Interiors, we get a sneak peak at the designs of some of the closed country’s most illustrious buildings. It’s probably the most important North Korean-themed Tumblr to hit the web since either Kim Jong (Il and Un) Looking at Things websites broke the internet.

With a clean and orderly aesthetic, the buildings give off a trendy ’60s vibe. We could see Warhol hanging with his Pier 54 gang for a smoke and an impromptu photo shoot in any of these places. If you’ve felt the pure ecstasy of scrolling through the Tumblr Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things, you’ll definitely appreciate the North Korean aesthetic. While the system of government is oppressive and sad, you have to admit, North Korea has a pretty mean interior designer.

Photography by Oliver Wainwright

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