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1/6 — Doug Johnston



These Wi-Fi Routers Totally Vibe with Your Aesthetic

Don’t get us wrong—the internet is a beautiful thing, and we would be nowhere without our wi-fi router. No, really—we wouldn’t exist. But as good as they are to us, they have a well-earned reputation for being, well, ugly. Really ugly.

Google wants to change all that. They’ve announced what they call OnHub Makers, a collection of interchangeable shells for their new OnHub router. Unfortunately, the designs pictured here are one-of-a-kind, and not for sale. A few sleek, minimal shell designs are available for purchase on their website, but the company encourages you to get creative. You can design your own, and then share your creation on social media with the tag #OnHubMakers for a chance for it to be featured in OnHub’s Maker Gallery.

Finally, you no longer have to hide your ugly grey router in shame, but instead dress it up and let the whole world know just how much joy it gives you.


Check out the full collection of artist-designed router shells here.

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