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#TheSet Talks 'I Just Hope You Understand' & Throwback R&B

If you haven’t met ATL rapper #TheSet, get acquainted: a 21-year-old vocalist and producer who has SoundCloud buzzing with over one million collective plays on his smash EPs SummerVibes and Feelings, this artist is one to watch.

Combining classic 2000’s R&B with down south trap beats, #TheSet captures the essence of flirty late nights and growing pains with expert precision. After traveling beyond ATL to grow his own repertoire, #TheSet dropped I Just Hope You Understand, an EP released solely for the fans, who have shown love and support since the beginning of his journey into music. This four track project shines light on the artist’s musical growth and development of his signature sound—one unlike anything else on the scene.

We sat down with #TheSet to learn more about the musical process behind I Just Hope You Understand and his future project #UltraVibes; check the full interview below.

Tell me a little about your background and how you started getting into music. And what about your name, #TheSet?

I’m originally from Aurora, Illinois and I moved to Atlanta when I was in 5th grade. I’ve been out here in Atlanta ever since. I started getting into music because my father’s side of the family are singers, so I’ve been around singing and music all my life and I have a natural liking to it. Once I got to Atlanta, it’s like the music capital of hip-hop and music, so it made my love for it even stronger. I actually went back to school in Aurora, Illinois where I’m from my freshman year, and in 10th grade I moved back to Atlanta and all my friends I knew were rapping and shit. I was like, “Man I can do this shit better than them niggas,” so I began making music. I started recording my senior year. That’s when my following began to grow, and I taught myself how to sing, rap, and produce. Once everything got developed and when I found the sound, that’s when everything got started.  

You recently released your new project titled I Just Hope You Understand. What inspired this album?

Sometimes, I feel like people don’t hear me, you know? I feel like I say a lot of good shit, but people don’t hear me, so I just hope people understand me when they hear my music. Especially since I’ve been on a hiatus from making music, people are paying attention now, and I’m really trying to make sure they understand the message of my music, the bars, and that I’m lyrical. I mix the conscious with the trap my life experiences, and it’s coming from a real place, and I want everyone to get the vibe and feel what I’m trying to do. I released SummerVibes, and that’s when things started taking off. People wanting to work with me, people with recourses…I’ve been working alone for two years with the Internet; no one really reached out to me until after I dropped my first project SummerVibes. I met my manager shortly after that and he showed me what my next steps would be. And the dream got bigger, just seeing everything that’s out there and realizing that there is so much more that has to be done. And I’m willing to put in the work.

What’s going to be the single for this album?

The single off I Just Hope You Understand is called “Power”, and we are currently conceptualizing the video which should be dropping soon.

What made you and your team decide that “Power” should be the single?

It was mainly the energy. The story behind the album was that I have been living and I have a lot to say now. I’m going to go to New York. I’m going to record six songs and I’m going to call it I just Hope You Understand, so right when I landed my manager and I had a twelve hour studio session and I did the whole tape, I was ready. 

How have you grown from your first project SummerVibes to your most recent project I Just Hope You Understand? Or what do you think is different between the two?

When I recorded SummerVibes, I never left Georgia. I had only been to Georgia and Chicago. I’ve grown as a person since I recorded I Just Hope You Understand; I’ve been to LA, San Francisco, New York, etc, so I’ve been traveling more and have a different perspective on people and life experiences.

What can we expect from your next project #UltraVibes?

I decided to drop this project #UltraVibes in the summer because people have more time to listen and absorb the music. When people hear #UltraVibes, I want it to be something they look forward to, like how all year round people are anticipating the summer. The vibes are like R&B…don’t laugh [laughs] but I’m like a baby Usher, you know what I’m saying? Like early 2000’s type of vibe, very personal. I’m telling a lot about myself, and everything just feels right. It’s all about the feeling, and when the song is over the feeling is gone and with each song there is a new feeling.

What artists have inspired you and who would you want to work with? Do you have any dream collabs?

Growing up I came up with whatever hits were on the radio. I was influenced by Usher, Jay-Z, Kanye for sure, and when I got older, Kendrick, Future, Young Thug and Outkast. I fuck with Atlanta hard as fuck; I fuck with the music out here. It’s influenced me a lot. I learned how to rap from New York rappers and I learned how to make the music and make it sound good from Atlanta artists.

What’s your favorite Outkast album?

Aquemini and ATLiens.

Aquemini is my favorite album, so what’s your favorite song from that album?


That’s a good song. Aquemini is a solid album.

Yeah. One of my favorites for sure.

That’s dope. We’re looking forward to hearing your next project this summer!

Thank you!

Featured image courtesy of #TheSet

Stay tuned to Milk for more of ATL’s finest.

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