Check out Harley Weir's short film for Proenza Schouler's Pre-Fall 2016 collection, a celebration of all stripes of female relationships.



This Adorable Proenza Schouler Video Will Make You Squeal with Delight

After celebrating the maternal tribute-fest that is Mother’s Day yesterday, love and good energy is definitely in the air. We’re taking in as much positive vibes as we can, and this new video from Proenza Schouler is making that so much easier.

The fashion brand released their Pre-Fall 2016 campaign video today, entitled “P.S. I Love You (Ithigi Lithigove Yithigou),” and it’s even more adorably sentimental than the title suggests. The short film, shot by Harley Weir, features and celebrates different types of female relationships—those between mother and daughter, sisters, friends, and lovers—the ones that are more complicated to understand than people’s support for Trump, but ultimately deeper and stronger than most people’s support for Trump too.

Styled by Sara Moonves, it features eight pairs of different women sharing their most valuable lessons and precious memories from their respective relationships. Iconic actresses Carol Kane and Natasha Lyonne discuss their friendship, while sisters Coco and Rubyrose Hill bicker like cute little sisters and lovers Adele Thibodeaux and Liz Hopkins kiss and eat flowers. It also features Sahara Lin, one of the stars of the Milk Makeup campaign, with her mother. The women sit, frolic, and cuddle amidst piles of broken flower petals, glamorous trash, and Proenza’s coveted purses, while proudly wearing the Pre-Fall 2016 looks and looking absolutely fab while doing so.

Soak up all the visceral beauty in the video above, and maybe send it to your mom to remind her that you still love her even when it’s not Mother’s Day. Unless you got her Beyoncé tickets—then you win.

Image via W Magazine. 

Stay tuned to Milk for more fashion news. 

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