This isn't your average sex doll.



This Sex Doll Will Teach You Manners

She doesn’t kiss on the first date, and if you want to really get to know this pretty lady, you’re going to have to wine and dine her first. She’s a catch and she goes by the name of Samantha, the reigning queen of all sex toys in the pleasure chest, engineered by Sergi Santos of Barcelona, who stands at the forefront of technology and pleasure (because apparently there is one). Boasting the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and artificial beauty, we’re sorry to say that Samantha is most likely out of your league. That said, you still stand a fighting chance, you’ll just have to get her to warm up to you first. Santos, the inventor, reports that she is programmed to desire romance before things start heating up, because again, she’s just not that type of girl! #Respect.

While technology as we know it has typically been designed to make life a little easier—think Postmates, FaceTune, Tinder—Samantha makes you put in a little effort before reaping the benefits (whatever those may be for you… no judgment). In an interview with Ruptly TV, Santos claimed that the objective of the sex robot is to make her orgasm, so while we’ve lost count of how many Mission Impossible movies there are, this sounds like the perfect opportunity for yet another. Samantha is priced at roughly $5,374, so for only 5,374,000 pennies, you can make all of your Siri fantasies come to fruition. Watch an incredibly awkward video of interactions between Samantha and her creator below.

Image and video courtesy of Ruptly TV 

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