Fighting breast cancer and human trafficking with handmade accessories.



This Bracelet Is Helping to Fight Breast Cancer and Human Trafficking

We know October was technically breast cancer awareness month, but just like February (Black History month) and every other month that’s devoted to a cause, the goal is to ultimately get to a point when we can devote ourselves to these causes all year long. Which is why we’re choosing to highlight The Brave Collection now. The jewelry brand not only has us layering on arm candy—but it has us doing so in the name of giving back to breast cancer and human trafficking. 

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With every purchase of their limited edition “Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Brave Bracelet,” the company donates 20 percent of the proceeds to Bright Pink, a non-profit organization focused on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women. And that’s not all they’re doing either; For every bracelet, necklace, and cuff they sell, ten percent of the proceeds go to help fight human trafficking in Cambodia. And really, what is there not to love about that?

Horrified by the reality of human trafficking during her time teaching English in Cambodia, Brooklyn-native Jessica Hendricks Yee decided to start The Brave Collection in order to work with local Cambodian artisans who are often mothers or disabled women from underprivileged backgrounds. Using traditional metalwork techniques with brass, silver, and gold vermeil to carve and weave every accessory by hand, these women are given the chance to work in a fair and respectful environment, are paid above-average wages, and receive benefits such as health insurance and education stipends for their children.

Together, The Brave Collection and these brave women of Cambodia are raising awareness of breast cancer and human trafficking—and, in so doing, are empowering women on a global scale. 

To purchase “Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Brave Bracelet,” visit label’s website at

Images via The Brave Collection

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