A new campaign takes on the global rising use of MDMA. Because sometimes, molly is less "amazing night I love everyone" and more "I am a psycho, like in 'Black Swan.'"



This Campaign Takes On MDMA, Because Molly Is Fun But Also Bad For You

Ever since Miley Cyrus bragged about the wondrous amounts of fun she had while on Molly (also known on the streets as MDMA or ecstasy) in her 2014 hit “We Can’t Stop,” the use of the psychoactive drug that alludes to intense feelings of empathy, pleasure, and heightened sensations has been on the rise. Although Miley cannot be blamed exclusively for the recreational use of the chemically-compounded drug, public health groups and state officials are calling for more consumer awareness on the side-effects linked to excessive MDMA intake. And, while doing so, these groups are essentially asking consumers to not mimic wild child Cyrus and to, well, please stop.

MDMA is kind of safe–at least in teeny tiny quantities.

A recent study published by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction found that there has been a “recent resurgence in use of MDMA in Europe and increased availability of high-strength MDMA tablets and powders.” Although cocaine still reigns as the most popular party drug in the United States, it’s been shown that 12.4 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 25 have experimented with MDMA, and that number is speculated to be rising pretty much always. So, beware Americans: these candy-looking tablets with crazed potency may be coming to you soon too.

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MDMA may look like your childhood candies, but one too many may actually kill you.

The strength of Molly and MDMA has long been theorized and debated; thankfully, a recent research study conducted by the Global Drugs Survey helped clear our foggy-hazy-dazed minds, and finally set things straight. What was found wasn’t all that fantastic: MDMA intake and pill purity have aggressively increased. This means the potency of UK’s fav party drug is now stronger than ever, which translates to the drug’s heightened power to induce more intense highs with smaller quantities. Sounds A.M.A.Z.I.N.G., right? Not necessarily.

Because a majority of people don’t seem to know their personal limits, the Global Drugs Survey has begun advocating for more individual awareness with their #StartWithHalf campaign. The organization has even made a wackily cute, yet informative video to launch the initiative, which you can watch below.

Founder of Global Drugs Survey Dr. Adam Winstock has warned the public that 2016 might be the most dangerous year to begin taking ecstasy in our generation. He writes in the study, “Odd as it might seem, better quality drugs are not necessarily safer for users (especially if you don’t know what you’re taking). Higher dose preparations and high purity powders can make it more difficult to dose safely and it can be easy to take too much.”

Basically, the people behind the Global Drugs Survey know that it would be impossible to stop people from popping ecstasy, even with an ultra-catchy campaign like #StartWithHalf. Their outreach method isn’t brainless, and they aren’t even telling you to put down the powder entirely: they’re simply asking you to cut that drawn out line in half. And if you can’t take that loving and understated advice, you’re at a loss.

Stay tuned to Milk for more Molly.

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