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This Couple Spent 300k to Look Like Barbie and Ken

Barbie and Ken are pretty much the epitome of #relationshipgoals. They support one another’s dreams, (a hard thing to do when bae is a stewardess one week and a demented manor mistress the next) and they own the fattest piece of real estate in your nieces’ play room. They’ve followed each other everywhere from deep space to the delivery room, and, most importantly, they do it all in matching ensembles. So should we really be all that amazed that an enterprising young couple like Anastasia Rekoss and Quentin Dehar would drop hundreds of thousands of dollars to look like them?

Time for a shift in mood.

According the The Daily Mail, the couple spent 300k of Mom and Dad’s money on fifteen different procedures, including breast augmentation, nose jobs, and butt lifts. They even plan on changing their names to “Barbie” and “Ken” in the near future, because no one would ever believe they were so in love otherwise. But how does a true love story like this begin? With a smoldering look across a dance floor? Bumping into each other in a crowded coffee shop? A very well written Tinder introduction?

We just couldn’t resist.

No. Those stories are too crass, too dull, too entirely unromantic for a sweeping epic such as this. Please, allow us to set the scene for you. A dazzling yacht party in St. Tropez. Him: A twenty one year-old entrepreneur with two cell phone stores under his belt. Her: A tall eighteen year-old student whose life in non-plastic is still anything but fantastic. As they reminisce over cocktails, they realize that they share the ultimate bond that one can share with another human being: a deep and unending love of all things Barbie.

Mini and me!

For there is no greater pick up line in all of human creation than “I adored my Ken dolls.”

Sexier words were never spoken.

They’ve been together ever since. And like any truly lovesick couple, they inspire each other to be the best that they can be. In this case, that means pushing each other to be the best iterations of Barbie and Ken that they can be. The couple spends thousands of dollars per month on hair extensions, spray tans, and lip upkeep. On a slightly more real, less plastic note, both Dehar and Rekoss both dealt with a deep dislike of their bodies growing up, with Dehar being bullied all throughout his childhood. This is something that persists into today, where the internet makes their opinion on the couple very well known. But at least they have each other to help fend off the haters.


So what’s next for this perfect in pink couple? According the Rekoss, they wish to “spend the rest of our lives together morphing into the dolls we love.” What can we say? At least they have each other. Although we think that those human barbies from the Ukraine did a way better job.

Meanwhile, we’re still single.

Photos via Tumblr,  New Dog Media, and Twitter. 

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