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This Crazy Bikini Removes Pollutants From Water

The autumn wind is blowing in, leaves are turning golden brown, and we’ve just busted out all of our leather jackets and wool sweaters. It seems like a pretty weird time to start getting excited about a swimsuit, but hear us out.

This digitally designed and 3D-printed bikini is called the Sponge Suit, and creator Dr. Mihri Ozkan and her team of designers and engineers believe it can be the key to a cleaner world. It’s a two-piece swimsuit that will be able to filter out water pollutants (like oil), making the water around you cleaner as you swim.


This bikini is as cool as it is eco-friendly, but how does it work? The outside is made of a flexible “elasto plastic” that’s meant to fit any body type comfortably, while the inside is made of a spongey, hydrophobic, carbon-based material that is meant to absorb everything in the water except the water itself. All you have to do is put it on and go for a swim—your bikini will do all the dirty work.

This spongey stuff will be able to hold up to 25 times its own weight in pollutants, and can be used about 20 times before it’s completely saturated. Plus, it’s designed to not release any of what’s absorbed until it’s melted down at over 1000 degrees Celsius.


Okay, so it’s not super practical, but it is super green. Once the swimsuit is melted down and the contaminates are separated from the sponge material, those pollutants can be recycled and made into a whole other swimsuit. And while the Sponge Suit is still just a prototype, Ozkan says that it should be available to the public soon, and that it will be relatively inexpensive to produce. The team also hopes to think outside the bikini, and create swim caps and different kinds of bathing suits made of the same material.

“We aim for a future where everyone, with any shape and form of swimming outfit, can contribute to the cleanliness of the seas,” the product website states, “by a sports activity or simply a leisurely summer vacation.” Check out the sponge in action here:

Images via Reshape

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