Peep Milk's fave tweets from this strange AF fake North Korean Twitter account.



This Fake North Korean Twitter is Reading The Shit Out of Donald Trump

North Korea is fucking crazy, and thus, endlessly fascinating. It’s come to be known as the Hermit Kingdom due to its extreme isolation; inhabitants are unable to connect to the outside world in any way, including the Internet, radio, travel, etc. They’re also disgustingly impoverished and…let’s just say there are more problems than we can count. While there’s a lot of uncertainty about what actually goes on there, it’s fairly well known that dissenters and their families are annihilated, more or less. While the country may be totally barbaric, they were actually ahead of the US in one way: fake news. These people will literally pull anything out of their asses to keep their populace thinking that North Korea is the shit and that the US is filled with a bunch of evil fat people. This helped to inspire a few fake Twitter accounts (NOT tied to their real government) that are endlessly entertaining. This is the most on point Trump bashing we’ve seen to date. 

They like to refer to him as a “Porcine Ogre,” a term we’re definitely adopting into our daily Trump vernacular. The Twitter also claims that North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-Un, is a literal god who doesn’t have normal human functions. Oh, also that American cinema sucks. Here are a few of our favorites:

Lead graphic by Jordan Levinson

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