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This Female-Founded Media Collective Is Out Of This World

To The Moon Citizen is a female-founded Los Angeles media collective with Kasey Elise and Samantha Nirenbergs at its helm. Their mission? To awaken individuality, with a specific focus on young women. In their latest project they brought together models Olivia Darin, Kona Rose Jackson, and Victoria Davidoff to shoot a visual narrative in some of their new merchandise. Per usual, the collective showcased women’s empowerment and strength through their most recent visual content. There’s a lot brewing for To The Moon Citizen, so keep your eyes peeled and in the meantime be sure to check out the interview (and video!) below to learn more about the collective.

What is To The Moon Citizen?

We believe in letting go of fear to take off into the unknown and discover your dreams. As a female-founded media collective brand based in Los Angeles we thrive in supporting and inspiring all with the bravery and courage it takes to make dreams into reality. Our mission was launched to awaken individuality in others and ourselves—with a focus on young women. We are limitless. We are love. We are one.

We love the powerful message! Tell us how Moon Citizen was born?

We are friends that were born and raised in Los Angeles. We’ve always been surrounded by interesting and creative people who have made their dreams a reality. There came a point in our friendship when we asked ourselves what do we really want ? And how can we create this? Do we want to work for other people and make their dreams come true? Or do we want to start pushing our own dreams forward? In that moment we realized that there are so many other people in the world that are in the same position as us. We knew we had to do something—this began our own journey and Moon Citizen was born. To us – you aren’t living unless you’re happy, staying true to yourself and are open to receiving love. Live your life to the fullest and break down barriers that try to prevent you from doing what brings you joy.

And how does that tie into the photo concept “The Moon Citizens” ?

The Moon Citizens photo story is about three unstoppable young women who come together to create their own path—inevitably breaking societal constructs. We created this story as a way to convey our journey for everyone to enjoy—it truly is about where we came from. We hope our story can inspire and encourage people around the world.

What’s in the future for Moon Citizen?

The Space Station!

This will be our narrative focused wing. Here we work closely with women in film—developing, creating and supporting original stories. The mission is launching to help grow and foster the next generation of film makers in Los Angeles. We’re actually screening our first original short film directed and produced under To The Moon Citizen in June!

In the longterm future, we hope to one day launch A Dream Center—we will tell you more about this next year! We want to create a safe place for dreamers who are growing into themselves and their confidence. A place where you can come to create whatever it is that makes you feel your best. You are supported and as we say, “Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t go to the moon!”

How does all of this work? Tell us how to start thinking like a Moon Citizen.

For the people that feel pressured to fit within the guidelines that others may have placed upon them—push yourself beyond any mental limitations. We believe in you. You can break these walls down. Start by creating with your friends—uncover talents you may not have known you had. Find what brings you joy and shape your life around whatever that is. Plant seeds along the way and allow them to grow naturally—putting pressure on this can actually do more harm than good. Trust the process, be gentle and kind to yourself and take the time you need. It’s about working smarter not harder.

Images courtesy of Keitaro Cloward

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