Angel Luna, a 22-year-old fashion student at Parsons, is creating clothing that directly aids refugees.



This Newbie Designer Makes Clothing That Aids Refugees

With political unrest ravaging the homes of innocent people all over the Middle East, refugee numbers have increased incredibly over the past few years. According to Amnesty International, over half of Syria’s population is currently displaced across neighboring countries’ borders, with one-in-every-two Syrians going as far as to cross the Mediterranean under unthinkable circumstances to escape their homeland’s internal conflicts. In the past five months alone, advocacy groups have estimated the death toll of refugees who have drowned while migrating to Europe to be 2,510 people.

The conflict in Syria has been deemed “the worst humanitarian crisis ever,” forcibly nudging worldwide citizens to take part in ending the disastrous circumstances any way they possibly can.

Enter Angela Luna, a 22-year-old fashion student at the Parsons School of Design, who has been devastated by the unraveling details and death tolls of Syrian refugees since the news of the tragic circumstances began to break. In an effort to help the refugees—who are unlike her in both creed and nationality—Luna decided to make a difference the best way she knows how: by creating innovative clothing.

Angela Luna’s “Crossing The Boundary” collection aids refugees in search of freedom.

The line of outerwear is a part of the designer’s first collection, “Crossing the Boundary.” It was produced as a part of her conscious fashion company Adiff, whose mission is “design intervention for global issues.” Each of the pieces are individual responses to the daily problems refugees are forced to grapple with. Instead of simply making lifejacket vests, Luna insisted upon assembling strikingly modern coats and inflatable jackets that could be easily transformed into sleeping bags and waterproof tents.

Every item in “Crossing The Boundary” is unisex and multi-purposeful for refugees suffering under an array of harsh conditions.

“Crossing The Boundary” is distinctive as all pieces are one-size and unisex, and seek to serve a multitude of conditions with transformable purposes. Although the items were designed with the intent of assisting refugees, the pieces in the collection are ideal for those planning a hiking trip with varying climates, or even swanky New Yorkers.

“If utilized correctly, I believe that art and fashion can be used as a significant source to deliver awareness to the public,” Luna wrote in her company’s mission statement. “I hope that this brand spurs society to question the role of fashion in a global environment, and hope that the influence of fashion can spread further than Fifth Avenue.”

Stay tuned to Milk for more on activism through art. 

Images via Adiff

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