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This Odd Future-Endorsed Skate Crew Is Taking Over East LA

Meet the Odd Future-affiliated skate crew known as Illegal Civilization. If you’re fooled by the mischievous name, don’t be—this kick-ass brand knows how to mix business with pleasure. Whether it’s designing clothes, producing films, or putting together tours, Illegal Civilization has their hand in just about every creative field that suits their fancy. We’re here for it.

Over the weekend, Illegal Civ brought the heat at The Berrics, situated right on the outskirts of East LA. Teaming up with WestwoodWestwood for an afternoon skate sesh with over 500 skaters coming through, the crew did not disappoint. We stopped by to catch Illegal Civ in action; check the slideshow above on how locals from the LA area got together for an all skate.

Stay tuned to Milk for more skate culture.

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