When shaving, all anyone really wants is to stand upright and let the water cascade down their immobile, fatigued person, right? Well this clever razor extension gives you the freedom to do just that.



This Razor Handle Saved My Life (And Will Save Yours Too)

Leg shaving is my least favorite beauty ritual. Why? For starters, it has nothing to do with the lingering stubble that coats my tub like some porcupine dwelled there. And sure, those shaving nicks are a bother (my ankles always look like they spent a night on a Benihana top grill), but nope, that’s not the most offensive part of shaving either. Let me tell you what is: the perilous bending over like I’m some extreme gymnast or black swan yogi, when all I want to do is stand upright and let the water cascade down my immobile, fatigued person.

Who, me? Uncomfortable? Never.

So it wasn’t without jubilation that I got an email from a savvy PR lady asking me if I’d like to try the Giraffe Razor Extension. “Hi Caroline,” the email began. This immediately grabbed my attention, because my name is Caroline. “Are you pregnant?” she asked. No, I was not, but thankfully she hooked me with the name thing. She went on to describe the pitfalls of shaving: “Slipping or falling because of bending awkwardly in the shower when shaving can cause many women to wear less comfortable clothing…especially if you are unwilling to expose your unshaven legs to the public.”

After reading the email and then deleting it, my hands began to tremble with the realization that, from here on out, my life would be forever changed. This woman described my life to a goddam T. Every morning spent shaving my legs is a morning spent in the hospital, having taken yet another tumble while shaving my thighs, cracking my fibula and most likely fracturing my pelvis in five places. I generally work from the hospital now, which my boss is cool with, but the Wi-Fi is spotty and their coffee is not fair trade. Not to mention the fact that I can only wear culottes because that’s generally how far I get in the shaving process before I take my tumble for the day.

If this doesn’t scream “fun,” I don’t know what does.

When my very own Giraffe Razor Extension arrived in the mail, I could hardly believe my eyes: it was so beautiful I could hang it on my mantle as a conversation piece for one of my many fashion cocktail parties! My aide wheeled me over to the shower and tossed me inside, not without a few more slips in the process, which was all par for the course, and we had a good laugh over it.

After inserting my gilded Oui Razor into the handle, Tilda put the Giraffe into my hand and I began to shave like I’ve never shaved before. Did I suffer my usual traumatic injuries with my trusted Giraffe by my side? Not even close. Although my razor fell out of the socket three seconds in, I managed to get the front of my shins and tops of my ankles, which is good enough for me because no tumbles. I am now the Global Ambassador of the Giraffe Razor Extension Handle and I travel to La Quinta conference rooms around the world demonstrating how to use it. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to shave your legs standing up, send me a fax, let’s chat.

Stay tuned to Milk for more beauty victories. 

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