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This Season, A Nostalgic Lambswool Revival Takes Center Stage [NYFW]

NYFW is off to a bold start with both Nicholas K and R13 presenting their shows with two very cohesive, very unique takes on the soon to be ‘It’ coat. Lambswool coats, a gender neutral pastime widely worn through the late sixties and into the seventies, are resurfacing as quickly as the witchy-choker did two years ago.

R13’s use of traditional, vintage tones in both the color and construction of the coat succeeds both functionally and stylistically with the garments it’s paired with. The bulky weight of the coat is expressed through the rough leather exterior and a simple three button situation which makes it a brunch and stroll type of garment. Nicholas K’s take is much less about nostalgia and more so a narrative of accessory. He infuses metallics and length to his favor and repurposes the lambswool style as collar and cuff elements, which gives the piece a downtown-and-strut vibe we love. The versatility of both efforts flourish, cementing this garment in top ‘trend’ status (though here’s betting it’ll be around much longer than your average sartorial fad).

NYFW is indeed bent on pushing boundaries and pursuing originality, but the most successful equation lies in the power that something so thrifty can feel so fresh. 

Images via The Cut

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