Meet K2: not your friendly neighborhood kush.



This Synthetic Weed Could Turn You Into A Zombie

K2 is a synthetic drug that’s supposed to act like marijuana, but made from chemical elements most likely concocted in a bathtub. On Tuesday, K2 sent 33 people suspected of overdosing to the hospital. The drug that’s also referred to as “spice” is illegal in New York, but then again, has that ever stopped anyone from obtaining and using drugs before, like, ever?

Sorry, what? Must’ve missed that.

This chemical-based drug has a classic selling point that keeps their customers consistently coming back for more—it’s dirt cheap. Certain bodegas will sell them for $1 a piece, sometimes in the form of a cigarette, labeled as a plant food, or “potpourri” so it can be legally sold in the shops. The drug is popular for the same reason the deadly, flesh-rotting drug Krokodil, which mimics heroine, took over so many people’s lives and souls. People who don’t have the money to buy a cool strain of organic weed with a title like “Purple Daydream” resort to what’s readily available and cheap, and that’s why these kinds of drugs tend to thrive.

You may not put a dent in your bank account when buying these drugs, but you will have to pay a heftier, more detrimental price. Earlier this week on a corner in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant, the worst effects of K2 left people in a zombie state, vomiting foam. “It looked like a scene out of The Walking Dead, ” said Brian Arthur, a resident in the Brooklyn neighborhood. “These guys were wandering around, stumbling all over the place, and were completely out of it. They didn’t know their whereabouts, and some couldn’t even get up off the floor. One guy was even trying to hold himself up with a Johnny pump [fire hydrant]. It was ridiculous.”

All of which is to say that this synthetic drug does not give you the friendly high you’d usually get from a nice strain of kush. The results are much more potent, much less chill, and all around scary to look at. In fact, the only thing that K2 has in common with marijuana is its earthy quality and conduciveness to smoking. Though don’t get it twisted; K2 is by no means grown from the ground. Instead, it starts as a powder, which is soaked up in another chemical-based liquid or liquor, and then poured and soaked into a dry plant matter.

K2 isn’t exactly new to our world’s comprehensive roster of drugs; indeed, people have been smoking the imitation marijuana for years now. It was just this particular batch, apparently, that posed a considerable problem, leaving people in a sort of paralysis, zombie-like state that, ultimately, sent them to the hospital.

So once this scare has passed over and synthetic marijuana inevitably makes its way back onto our bodega’s shelves, just know: to smoke these comes with a price, and a possible role in the next season of The Walking Dead.

Photos courtesy of Daily Mail and NBC News.

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