For their SS17 show package, Wilhelmina Models sent out a salacious skateboarding video of their top skater male models.



This Video of Hot Skaters Will Leave You Speechless

With every fashion season comes a slew of show packages, in which modeling agencies’ send out a rundown of their trending models to casting directors and clients. Last year for the SS16 season, Wilhelmina Models sent out a show package in the form of a video steeped in blacklight, neon paint, and sinister music. For this season’s SS17 show package, Wilhelmina stuck with the video motif, but decided to swap out the neon, trance-heavy vibe for a lot of skating. Dubbed “The Wolf Pack,” the black and white video forgoes the stylized cards that typically comprise show packages to showcase some of the agency’s top male models who happen to be very good at skateboarding—or, as Wilhelmina is calling them, their “wolf pack.”

To the tune of MGK’s “Till I Die,” the guys skate around New York in matching t-shirts that say “THE WOLF PACK IS COMING,” and alongside a surprise appearance by rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

Take a quick gander at a recent street style slideshow, and you’ll probably notice a fair share of kids repping skateboard brands like Palace and Thrasher. As a subculture that’s always embraced a distinct style, it comes as little surprise that, in the past couple years, skate culture has infiltrated almost every corner and crevice of the fashion industry. Even Vogue is on board, dedicating an entire week to it (re: Skate Week).

And if skateboarding tricks and the occasional wipeout don’t entice you, not to worry. The video is teeming with scrumptious faces—in addition to some titillating breakdancing—that will likely make up for that.

“We wanted to create something that was authentic to our guys, since it’s part of their daily life and style,” director of Wilhelmina’s men’s division Taylor Hendrich said of the video-slash-show-package. “Encouraging our models to express themselves through personal style, which is at the root of skate culture, is something we wanted to celebrate.” And Hendrich, it’s something we’re pleased to celebrate too. We just hope no models were harmed in the making of this video (amen).

Image via Wilhelmina. 

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