“We know our communities are resilient. That our solidarity saves lives. That our unity builds new futures. We demand the chance to thrive.”



This Week in Women: 50 Years After Stonewall

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Here’s more of what we’re talking about in This Week in Women:

50 Years After Stonewall

One June 24, 1969, police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay nightclub in Greenwich Village. At the time, it was still considered illegal in almost all states (except Illinois) to be gay, and any expression of LGBTQ+ subjected many to harassment, violence, further discrimination, and legal ramifications. The six days of clashes between police and protestors effectively kicked off a civil rights push for gay rights and equality.

In the decades since Stonewall there are have been broad legal and legislative victories that have made way for more progress and more protections for the LGBTQ+ community, including same-sex marriage and more elected official representation.

Like many aspects of American history, civil rights for LGBTQ+ folks is still a work in progress. The Equality Act that was unanimously passed by Congressional Democrats has stalled out in the Republican-led Senate. 20 states offer civil rights protections, but millions are still affected. The Transgender Law Center, in partnership with other organizations, promoted June 25th, 2019 as a National Day of Action under the #StonewallIsNow campaign — bringing awareness to the ways that violence and segregation is still perpetuated against transgender individuals. “Our communities need you. When the government proposes regulations that create barriers in housing and healthcare, it is telling the country that we don’t deserve the resources all people need to survive. When the government actively cages and kills us, it is telling the country to target us, too,” the organization said in a statement. “We know our communities are resilient. That our solidarity saves lives. That our unity builds new futures. We demand the chance to thrive.”

Jean Carroll’s Gutwrenching Essay

Last Friday, New York Magazine published a cover and essay featuring E. Jean Carroll. The matriarch of advice columns has long been a tough-love-truth voice for readers who have written in about their various quandaries; and she points out in the essay, “no matter what problems are driving women crazy — their careers, wardrobes, love affairs, children, orgasms, finances — there comes a line in almost every letter when the cause of the correspondent’s quagmire is revealed. And that cause is men.”

Her essay is a reminder of what womxn have been enduring and fighting against since the beginning of time immemorial. Carroll’s scathing take-down offers names too. The part of the essay that really has President Trump fired up is that he is also included on the “hideous men” list for allegedly raping her in a dressing room in Bergdorf Goodman, 20 years ago. Her cover features the Donna Karan dress that she was wearing the day she was assaulted.

It’s truly appalling that this is the 22nd person to come forward with a grievance against the president, and yet the media coverage continues to wain on these accounts and the likelihood of any repercussion dwindles. The white patriarchal system has reached disgusting new heights as this is allowed to go relatively unnoticed, because of other foreign and domestic crises to cover and deflect.

As Carroll writes, “As the riotous, sickening stories of #MeToo surged across the country, I, like many women, could not help but be reminded of certain men in my own life.”

Carroll’s essay dredges up barely covered feelings of anger, anxiety, and sadness. It would be nice to finish this off with a quote about resilience, but what we really need now is action and not another distraction that continues to validate male misogyny from the top-down.

Featured image via Curve Magazine

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