This week, we're celebrating bipartisanship in the Senate & spilling the tea on Kat Von D.



This Week in Women: a Senate Victory, Plus IG Controversy for Kat Von D

Righteous female leadership is paving the way as women step up across industries to get things done—women champions from both sides of the political aisle are working together to get things done in Washington; Kat Von D is using her contest controversy as a platform for conversation and acceptance; and Garnier is promoting a social good partnership with UNICEF. Without further ado, let’s dive right in—it’s time for This Week in Women!

Women Lead Bipartisan Efforts in The US Senate

“Women stopped this bill in its tracks. Since day one, women have led the opposition, from organizing rallies and marches to flooding congressional town halls and hosting weekly phone banks,” said Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards in response to last week’s healthcare battle. “Americans across the country joined the rallying cry against this dangerous bill, rose up in opposition, and never let up. Against all odds, grassroots organizing defeated Trumpcare. We know this is the beginning, not the end, of fighting for what we believe in—but it’s a big step forward.”

As you’ve likely heard, the vile Trumpcare bill was defeated in a stunning victory early last Thursday, ensuring that the Affordable Care Act will remain in effect for the near future. As millions of Americans breathed a collective sigh of relief, we were also rewarded by seeing seedlings of bipartisan collaboration continue on through other important legislation.

U.S. Senators are currently working together to pass a new energy bill that was proposed this week — led by Sen. Maria Cantwell of Washington and Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska (one of the hero Republican senators who held the line and blocked “Skinny Repeal”).

“This stands not only as an opening for bipartisan accomplishment, but more importantly, as a significant opportunity to boost our economic growth, improve our infrastructure, enhance our security, and bolster our global competitiveness—results that we all support and should be working toward,” said Murkowski.

Kat Von D Asserts Position and Claps Back Against Trump Supporters

Kat Von D Beauty, the eponymous make-up collection from celebrity and artist Kat Von D, recently found itself embroiled in its own partisan controversy. Gypsy Freeman, a Tampa-based makeup artist, was selected as the winner of a Kat Von D Beauty contest on Instagram. Shortly after Freeman was selected, Von D removed the contest and the prize (a $500 Sephora gift card and trip to Los Angeles for the brand’s “Saint and Sinner” perfume launch party) upon discovering a pro-Trump Instagram post on Freeman’s page.

Von D posted the following in the comments section of her Instagram account: “If you want to explain to my Mother who lives in Mexico why she should pay for a wall to be built, and why she should have to deal with the negativity that comes with such anti-Mexican statements as our president has made, feel free. If you want to explain to me why anyone should tell me what rights I have over my own body, feel free. If you want to promote someone who is anti-immigrant, anti-LGBT, anti-women, and denies climate change – feel free. But don’t throw a tantrum on my personal Instagram if I personally don’t back YOUR choices. Have a great day. X”

There has been criticism from followers in both camps, pitting freedom of speech arguments against the fierce opposition to the President’s policies.

“No one got disqualified, so calm down. I personally messaged her sharing MY personal feelings on the subject as to avoid her getting even more criticism than she already was receiving,” continued Von D in a separate comment. “She decided on her own to not come to my launch. And further more, just like everyone has the right to support whomever they choose, I have the right to set my own personal boundaries.”

Garnier Partners With UNICEF for Global Good

Garnier is promoting a new campaign, in conjunction with UNICEF, supporting children in “emergency situations.” Emergency situations include natural disasters and conflict zones.

“In emergencies, UNICEF uses Child Friendly Spaces to foster an essential sense of security, normalcy and trust, ensuring that society’s youngest and most defenseless can continue to grow, flourish and connect with others in their community to build a brighter future together,” said Maybelline, Garnier and Essie at L’Oréal USA president Ikdeep Singh.

Garnier plans to donate $1.3 million over the next three years directly benefitting safe spaces, places for children to “play, learn and access healthcare.” BRB, heading to the drugstore to stock up on Garnier Micellar Water!

Featured image via Into The Gloss

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