Juxtapoz Clubhouse artist Olek in Delhi, where she's transforming a women's shelter with a giant crocheted installation.



This Week in Women: Art Basel 2K16

Yesterday, Art Basel 2K16 kicked off in Miami: the four-day event that brings together gallerists, artists, curators, and patrons from all over the globe. We’ve been hanging out all week at the Juxtapoz Clubhouse getting a front row seat to some truly amazing artists and street style, and now to wrap up the week, we made the call: it’s time to hand over the mic to hear from some female artists inside the Juxtapoz Clubhouse who are truly making waves in the Sunshine State (and beyond). It’s This Week in Women!

Cinta Vidal Agulló

For Art Basel 2016, Agulló created a large mural with her signature inverted architectural perspectivea highly detailed, illustrative approach that allows us to truly immerse ourselves into her artwork.

“I give a lot of importance to the details because I believe that often the sum of small elements is what brings more paintings to life,” said Agulló in an interview with Juxtapoz Magazine on November 21st. “One of the details that I often repeat is men (and not women) hanging out clothes. It’s a subtle feminist message and, as a matter of fact, I doubt that anyone has noticed it.”


Olek currently resides in Brooklyn, where she uses the crocheting medium to create vibrant statements from wearable art to large-scale installations. Using these pieces to represent different messages and personas, she’s made headlines with her 16-by-46 foot crocheted tribute #ImWithHer billboard and the transforming of a women’s shelter in India with a giant crocheted installation. This week, she’s brought that same crochet work to the Juxtapoz Clubhouse, this time, with a political statement in tow.

Velia De Iuliis

Final piece for @juxtapozmag at the #juxtapozclubhouse event tonight. Come check it out!

A photo posted by VELIA DE IULIIS (@veliadeiuliis) on

This San Francisco-based artist revels in nature as the ultimate sanctuary, painting ethereal compositions of flora, fauna, reptiles, and woodland creatures—and she’s brought all of that and more to the Juxtapoz Bookstore.

“In choosing to paint flora and fauna, nature never ceases to fascinate me,” she says. “Following my instinct, I don’t plan my pieces; instead I first find facts that captivate my attention such as the complexity and lineage of a species but sometimes its their sheer beauty that inspires. I hope that my paintings portray the wonder and constant curiosity I have for this special world, a world where creatures help me to better understand humanity.”

Image via Juxtapoz.

Stay tuned to Milk for more of This Week in Women and check out our previous installments here.

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