This week, Bey dropped the best news we've heard all year: twins.



This Week in Women: Beyonce Breaks The Internet

This week, another batch of “Is this real?” headlines hit the newsstand, as Trump’s latest round of terrifying alt-right executive orders shook the world to its core, specifically with the immensely divisive Immigration Ban. While legislators duked it out in D.C., we were comforted by art, fashion, and music that broke through the noise and shared beauty and hope. With Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement of royal proportions, Samantha Bee’s feminist slayage, and Missy Elliott’s new music video, it’s safe to say we are loving the visual feast that some of our favorite artists are cooking up. Let’s reflect on the magicit’s time for This Week in Women!

Beyoncé Announces Pregnancy

Queen Bey’s latest creative endeavor on Wednesday was extra special, times two—with the most fab pregnancy photo shoot ever, appropriately named “I have three hearts”, she made her announcement: twins are on the way. Combining goddess vibes with abundant flowers, beautiful belly shots, and a Blue Ivy cameo, Beyoncé channeled feminist fine art in her photos. She also wove in pictures of her family members and her pregnancy with Blue Ivy, creating a touching reflection on her experience.

Ever the savvy business mogul, Beyoncé also launched a dope AF new campaign for Ivy Park on Wednesday with portraits by Zoë Ghertner. The campaign features Black-ish actress Yara Shahidi, model Sophie Koella, and music prodigy Selah Marley. “The most inspirational part of working for Beyoncé’s Ivy Park is how the brand is built around elevating and empowering girls of all sorts and all ages,” said Koella in Vogue.

Samantha Bee Gives an Honest Assessment 

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee is the zeitgeist of our generation for informed (and enraged) liberals. And this week, Bee took on the Muslim Ban executive order that has threatened the core of American values, in a full seven-minute segment named “The Not-A-Muslim-Ban Muslim Ban. She also included an interview with Lee Gelernt, an ACLU attorney, whom she dubbed “one of the heroic freedoms nerds.” Fact-forward and serious, it was one of few conversations worth a watch from last weekend’s media coverage.

As a female comedian, Bee lends a poignant perspective while reporting on news stories. She is strong, authoritative, and, of course, delightfully full of sass. “My mother’s a feminist,” said Bee in an interview with NPR. “I think that I was steeped in feminism from an early age. It’s just in my DNA. It’s not something we ever really talked about that much or congratulated each other for. It just is part of who I am. I think it’s part of who my daughters are.”

Missy Elliott Drops New Music Video

Hip-hop superstar Missy Elliott expertly elevated the Internet this week with her new “I’m Better” music video, a perfect return after an almost two year hiatus. Featuring Lamb, Missy Elliott’s latest creation incorporates futuristic visuals, an uber-minimal trance-like beat, and envy-worthy style for days. Our favorite? A bedazzled bomber jacket that reads “Save the Humans” by Larry Tee, from the label TZUJI.

Lead graphic by Jordan Levinson

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