Bill O'Reilly insulted women everywhere (...again), and Representative Maxine Waters clapped back.



This Week in Women: #BlackWomenAtWork

This Friday, women are calling upon their warrior spirits after another grueling week on the battlefield. Cecile Richards (of Planned Parenthood royalty) continues to wage war on healthcare rollbacks, while Representative Maxine Waters begins the #BlackWomenAtWork conversation, and Blanca Li opens a new ballet about feminine power. It’s time for This Week in Women!

The Fight for Planned Parenthood Funding Goes On

Oh, the cold irony! On Wednesday, Vice President Pence appeared as a guest speaker at the Women’s Empowerment Panel, and yesterday he used his role as president in the Senate for a tie-breaking vote to strip funding from Title X. Title X provides comprehensive protections and services for family planning and preventative reproductive care through a federal grant program and, you guessed it—one of its beneficiaries is Planned Parenthood. Republican Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska worked across the aisle to vote with Democrats, creating a 50-50 split. When the Senate failed to secure a majority, Pence was forced to step in.

In an email statement to supporters, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards wrote, “In case it wasn’t clear, Pence and his allies in Congress are dead set on dismantling access to healthcare and protections for women wherever they can—no matter how many people they hurt, and no matter how unpopular it is.”

The vote came a day after Planned Parenthood Pink Out 2017, which rallied support online for the family planning and reproductive health organization.

In the words of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, “No woman can call herself free who does not own and control her body.”

#BlackWomenAtWork Transforms The Conversation

The White House has been struggling to reassure the general public of their commitment to legislation surrounding gender equality. And let’s be honest, the Commander in Chief has never done a good job showing us that he’s genuinely interested in respecting women, never mind including them in his precarious AF way of running the government. In light of some serious gaffes, including Sean Spicer calling out black journalist April Ryan to “stop shaking her head” and Bill O’Reilly making fun of Representative Maxine Waters’ hair, thousands of women took to Twitter to share their Womanist truth on the challenges of being black and a woman.

Poet Alice Walker famously said, “Womanism is simply another shade of feminism. It helps give visibility to the experience of black women and other women of color who have always been at the forefront of the feminist movement yet marginalized and rendered invisible in historical texts and the media.”

This week, black women used the #BlackWomenAtWork hashtag to bring light to issues they face on a daily basis, including Representative Waters, who clapped back at O’Reilly on Twitter:

Blanca Li’s “Goddesses & Demonesses” Presentation

Beginning this weekend, world-renowned dancers Blanca Li and Maria Alexandrova will premiere the “Goddesses and Demonesses” presentation at New York City Center with choreography and artistic direction from Li.

“I wanted to make a show that celebrates femininity,” Li said to Women’s Wear Daily. “I find that women have so much beautiful power and energy, and I think in this moment, we really need to talk about that.”

Themes of fashion, mythology, and femininity take center stage. The show includes costume designs by Azzedine AlaÏa, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Stella McCartney, and Sophie Théallet.

Lead graphic by Jordan Levinson

Stay tuned to Milk for more of This Week in Women and check out our previous installments here.

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