Former Patagonia CEO Kristine McDivitt Tompkins donated a cool 11 million to help build Chile's “Route of Parks” initiative.



This Week in Women: Skol Gets Woke

This week, we’re reminded of poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s quote, “Light tomorrow with today,” as news of remarkable women around the world continually brighten our newsfeeds. From helping at-risk families to a national park donation the size of Switzerland, let’s recap a few of our favorites stories of global good at home and abroad. It’s time for This Week in Women!

Andrea Weinberg Donates Totes to NYC’s Sanctuary for Families

Andrea Weinberg—founder of accessory brand Andi—has been a socially conscious designer and entrepreneur from the start with her “Be Good to Yourself” campaign. This week, Weinberg worked with eight local volunteers to stock 300 of her signature totes with essentials and care items to be donated to Sanctuary for Families (SFF). SFF is a non-profit in New York City, working to provide assistance and advocacy for survivors of gender violence.

Skol Rebrands Past Ads With Female Artist-Input

In a poignant reversal of sexist advertising, Skol partnered with eight female artists to re-do past Skol posters of women and beer. It was a smart, savvy move for the brand—recognizing that a large portion of its consumers are women, and that it’s time for the chauvinistic ads to stop.

“These images are part of our past,” says the Skol video narration. “But the world has evolved and so has Skol. And this doesn’t represent us anymore.”

“Art, pop culture, authorship bring a story, a narrative, have a great potential to pass ideas, pass information that cannot be restricted to academic texts or classic books,” Brazilian designer and illustrator Carol Rossetti explained.

Former Patagonia CEO Donates Epic Amount of Land in Chile For Preservation 

In an epic story of a private-public partnership, two women announced an exciting initiative for the country of Chile and its land preservation efforts. Former Patagonia CEO Kristine McDivitt Tompkins and Chilean President Michelle Bachelet signed a pledge to expand national parks in Chile by 11 million acres in an effort to build the “Route of Parks” initiative. It was the largest land donation to date from a private entity to a country.

“Today, alongside Kris, I am honored to see how everything has come together,” said President Bachelet. “We are bequeathing to the country the greatest creation of protected areas in our history.”

Tomkins co-founded the Tompkins Conservation with her husband Doug (founder of The North Face), who passed away in 2015. She continues their shared passion for “re-wilding, and restoring natural ecosystems and reintroducing wildlife that has disappeared from a region because of human pressures.”

Featured image via Linde Waidhofer

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