Democratic congresswomen are rebelling in suffragette solidarity against the administration’s anti-womxn agenda.



This Week In Women: State of The Union Suffragettes

Note to self: Whenever performing a clap back, make sure to gracefully extend arms and pointedly clap in near proximity to the offending speaker a la House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi following President Trump’s State of the Union address. The photo that lit our week on fire has already been elevated to icon status.

And we’re not stopping there! From congresswomen donning suffragette white for the State of the Union to new women-majorities in Nevada and Colorado, women are making significant waves. Also, we’re giving you the rundown on a new study regarding IUDs and its correlation to Trump’s presidency. It’s time for This Week in Women!

Voters and Women Lawmakers Are Making Historic Statements

Nevada and Colorado made history with their newly minted women-led majorities in their respective state legislatures. Nevada began its session this week with the first ever, female-led majority, which combines elected officials across a bicameral body (meaning from two houses, one being the state Assembly or “House” and the other, the state Senate).

Dr. Patricia Spearman, a senator for Nevada’s first district and one of the most fierce advocates and supporters of the woman majority, tweeted this: “Thank you! Can’t wait for all of the future works we’ll do together. Here’s to our continued advocacy and service! #ForThePeople”

Also of note this week, was the resounding presence of women at Trump’s second State of the Union address. If he thought his policy points were going to be the most talked about take-away, he was sorely mistaken. Just moments into the address, a wide pan of the assembly showed that many of the Democratic congresswomen were wearing white, a sign of suffragette solidarity and rebellion against the administration’s anti-womxn agenda. The women in the room quickly upstaged the president with their unified presence and their chants of “USA!” in response to the Republican’s initial “USA” chant. All of this leading up to the Nancy Pelosi clap back heard around the world.

After two years of suffering through oppressive legislation and regressive policies, it feels good to see the tables turning and for a different kind of headline being made at the state and federal levels.

Our Suspicion Confirmed: IUD Requests Increased After 2016 Election

This week a paper published in JAMA Internal Medicine reported that healthcare providers saw an increase in long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) requestsincluding popular method, intrauterine devices and implants—directly following the 2016 election. Based on their comparative findings of insertion rates before and after the 2016 presidential election, they estimated that requests in the 30 days following the election rose 21.6 percent. This figures out to be “approximately 700 additional insertions per day in association with the 2016 election, above the approximately 4,716 insertions per day that would have been otherwise predicted,” covering the 33 million women in the United States aged 18 to 45 years-old in 2016 with employer-sponsored health insurance.

“The ACA’s contraceptive coverage mandate is an important strategy to reduce unintended pregnancies. The Trump Administration has weakened this mandate. Our findings could reflect a response to fears of losing contraceptive coverage because of President Trump’s opposition to the ACA or an association of the 2016 election with reproductive intentions or LARC awareness. Our findings also suggest that women with commercial health insurance value contraceptive coverage and that concerns about potential reductions in access or coverage may affect their contraceptive choices,” wrote Dr. Lydia E. Pace of Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Division of Women’s Health, Department of Medicine.

Photo via of Abc News

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