We're witnessing Hillary Clinton in her most defining moment yet—and this week, we got to witness a few other pivotal moments for women around the world. Buckle up, it’s another this week in women!



This Week in Women: The Challengers Edition

There is a spark in the air and a crisp snap in the autumn leaves as we inch closer to one of history’s most momentous elections. In fact, dear reader, the next time we post a new installment of this week in women, the election will have happened and a new president will be elected. We’re witnessing Hillary Clinton in her most defining moment yet—and this week, we got to witness a few other pivotal moments for women around the world. Buckle up, it’s another this week in women: the challengers edition!

A Historical Election for All Women 

Almost a century has gone by since the 19th amendment was passed—prohibiting citizens from being denied voting rights based on gender—and we now have a woman at the top of the ticket for a major party. In the final days of this unprecedented election, Clinton is banking on the support of women as the deciding factor in the path to the presidency.

Right now Clinton leads with women voters by an average of 17 points. “I wish I didn’t have to say this, but, indeed, dignity and respect for women and girls is also on the ballot this election,” Clinton said at a recent campaign event in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

In an Instagram video that has gone viral on the internet, one woman breaks into tears after casting her ballot for Clinton. “To think about how far we’ve come,” Vickie Wilkinson said in a follow-up interview with The Huffington Post. “The fight and struggle just to vote for an intelligent, qualified, viable woman ― it was just sort of overwhelming to me on that morning. And I was thanking God that I was able to do this.”

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On Tuesday, regardless of who you vote for, it’s imperative that, if you have the right to vote, you do so. As Amy Schumer put it in an incisive video for IWillVote.com, “People are going to know if you voted or not. Your voting history is public record… Anyone who knows you can just look at that shit up (uh oh). You gotta actually go out and vote and not just pretend like you did at dinner parties… Ok, I guess I am actually here to tell you to vote, or at least cover your own ass so that you don’t seem like a steamy dump.” Do it.


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Mila Kunis Challenges Gender Bias & Workplace Inequality

On Wednesday, actress and producer, Mila Kunis, tackled workplace gender bias in an eloquent essay for A Plus. In it, she describes instances in her career when she’s been demeaned and spoken down to for being a woman—and she holds no punches (but does withhold names). “Blind gender biases are embedded in every facet of our life. They are reinforced by our educational institutions: men dominate the figures we study in history, the luminaries of math and science and technology about whom we learn, and the authors of political discourse we are taught to revere. We are inundated with tales of male superiority that blind us to the architecture of our own relationships. The very word ‘blind’ informs us of everything. No one gets upset when a blind person bumps into a wall, but the wall does not cease to yield force.”

They’re powerful words on their own, and particularly during this rather decisive, critical moment in the history of women’s rights, when women are fighting to overcome the wage gap and workplace inequalities across all industries. Women-owned businesses are skyrocketing and more women than ever before are pursuing higher education. Even so, it’s still necessary to have an open conversation and to educate people about these barriers and how to overcome them.

“I’m done compromising; even more so, I’m done with being compromised,” Kunis wrote. “So from this point forward, when I am confronted with one of these comments, subtle or overt, I will address them head on; I will stop in the moment and do my best to educate.” 


Formula 1 Driver Named Adidas by Stella McCartney Ambassador

Spanish race car driver, Carmen Jorda, is the newest face of the Adidas by Stella McCartney collection—stepping out at McCartney’s November 2nd presentation for her SS17 line for Adidas. McCartney noted that the 28-year-old is officially representing the brand, which feels particularly apt considering the collection’s competition-ready apparel for women participating in traditionally male-dominated sports.

Mila Kunis image via Glamour. Lead graphic by Ashley Britton.

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