Oprah threw her star power efforts into the Georgia’s gubernatorial race (and electrified the internet) this week as she helped canvass for Democrat Stacey Abrams.



This Week in Women: Exercise Your Power

Ladies, it’s our time. This is the day we have been organizing for, praying for, anxiously waiting for, for two years. We began 2018 with the Women’s March “Power to the Polls,” and now it’s time to show up. Already, more than 25 million people have voted and the results will be historic.

What’s at stake? Democrats have the opportunity to pick up a significant majority in the House of Representatives and a slimmer chance (albeit viable) of changing the majority in the U.S. Senate. Key issues that will be determined by this election include health care, immigration, and the economy. With the nationwide regression of health care access, abortion rights, and civil rights through the past two years, common sense tell us that we need to be showing up on November 6 to stop the systemic pattern of repression. Congress currently has a devastatingly low 17 percent approval rating, so this is an opportunity to get more elected officials that will reverse some of the damage of the Trump administration’s agenda.

The gender gap is also closing with more women running for office. Women make up 20 percent of Congress and about 25 percent of state legislators, but that number can change with this election as there is a significant increase in female candidates at the state and federal level.

In case you need a couple more reminders of the power of women, here are our highlights for This Week in Women! 

‘Because it Matters’ Adds (Even More) Urgency to GOTV Efforts

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s PAC Independence USA released a passionate video this week featuring an all-female line-up, including Cher, Laverne Cox, Ser Anzoategui, Lily Tomlin, Constance Wu, Tichina Arnold, Minnie Driver, Jodie Foster, Isabella Gomez, Zosia Mamet, Christine Lahti, Téa Leoni, Julianne Moore, Jaina Lee Ortiz, and more.

“Because It Matters” highlights the issues that are on the table this election—immigration, gun reform, healthcare accessibility, freedom of speech and of the press, equal pay, equal rights, and climate change, to name a few.

“Women’s voices are being listened to in a way that they haven’t been before. And it’s not just women candidates. It’s women voters and women activists,” said “Because It Matters” director Jodie Foster, in an official statement. “I’m proud to partner with RadicalMedia and Mike Bloomberg on creating a campaign that encourages all Americans to use their voice and vote. Women across the country have concerns and strong points of view and they can make a difference by going to the polls on November 6th. We hope that this campaign, featuring familiar faces in the entertainment industry, will inspire others to share their views and more importantly take action on Election Day. It really matters.”

Oprah Campaigns for Stacey Abrams, “Let your vote count, let your vote speak for you.”

Oprah threw her star power efforts into the Georgia’s gubernatorial race (and electrified the internet) this week as she helped canvass for Democrat Stacey Abrams. Abrams, currently the minority leader of the Georgia House of Representatives, is locked in a toss-up battle with GOP candidate Brian Kemp. If elected, Abrams would be the first African American female governor in the U.S.

Later that evening Oprah joined Abrams for remarks and a Q&A. Oprah rallied women with a call-to-action, “We as women people need to stand united and vote our values. Vote your values. Vote your conscience.”

Simone Biles Wins All-Around Title at World Championships 

Gymnastics superstar Simone Biles secured her fourth all-around titlethe most ever earned in women’s artistic gymnasticsat this week’s world championship competition in Doha, Qatar. After rallying from a hospital trip and kidney stones diagnosis, Biles competed and prevailed with the largest margin of victory (1.693 points) in her four titles.

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