Mount that Sermon with ChristianMingle's newfound LGBTQ-inclusive options.



This Week's Hottest Gay Dating App is...Christian Mingle

Get ready to anoint your partner with coconut oil–ChristianMingle is getting a little more tingly. A Californian court ruling last week will require to allow LGBTQ members into its congregation of single, God-loving horndogs. The ruling could affect all websites under defendant Spark Networks’ ownership, including JDate and (for the Jewish and Mormon persuasion, respectively).

That's right.
That’s right. Faith-based dating websites now have same-sex options.

The lawsuit, filed in 2013, alleged that ChristianMingle forbade same-sex searches from its website, thereby violating California’s anti-discrimination law. Under the judge’s ruling, the site will now simply ask for a Mingler’s sex, without the presumption that they’re seeking opposite sex partners.

While bigots may find it an inconvenient truth, gay Christians have been in existence since Jesus first revealed his vulnerable set of abs. No amount of cherry-picking from Leviticus can explicitly forbid the laying on of same-sex hands, just like no amount of Bible-beating can justify discriminating against an entire subsection of people for a dating app. For their part, Spark Networks seemed happy with the ruling, with a representative saying that they were “pleased to resolve this litigation.”

The judgment is a big win for those who are both LGBT and faithful. A 2015 Pew Research Center poll shows that nearly 50% of Americans who self-identified as gay, lesbian or bisexual also identified as Christian. Annually, around 1,500 people flock to the Gay Christian Network Conference, the largest group supporting LGBT Christians.

As the LGBTQ flag flies high during this past month of tragedy and celebration, it’s a great time to take the opportunity to revisit any instances of homophobic legislation and stamp them out in the name of capital-L Love. Gay-men.

 Stay tuned to Milk, all ye faithful.

Lead image via Anomaly London’s “Sexy Jesus” Calendar

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