George Zimmerman's gun being examined during his trial for the murder of unarmed minor Trayvon Martin. He's now trying to auction off the gun, and pass it off as a legitimate piece of history.



This Week's SMH: George Zimmerman Auctioning Gun That Killed Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman, who was declared not guilty for the murder and manslaughter of the unarmed Trayvon Martin back in 2012, is auctioning off the same gun he used to kill the 17-year-old. The weapon used against the minor was described as an “American firearm icon,” which should instantly cue your gag reflex.

If your eyeballs haven’t already backflipped into the base of your skull, here’s what Zimmerman said to Orlando, Florida radio station WOFL: “Many have expressed interest in owning and displaying the firearm including The Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. This is a piece of American History. I’m a free American. I can do what I like with my possessions. It’s time to move past the firearm, and if I sell it and it sells, and I move past it. Otherwise, it’s going in a safe for my grandkids, never to be used or seen again.”

The Smithsonian made it very clear this morning that they have no intention or desire to have anything to do with the gun.

The bidding for the 9-mm pistol was set to start at $5,000, but the listing was removed from before 11 a.m., when the auction was scheduled to start. According to the listing details, the funds form the gun sale will go toward fighting Black Lives Matter violence against law enforcement officers, to end the career of Angela Corey, who was the Special Prosecutor investigating the Trayvon Martin case, and to protest Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Last month, Clinton made a statement that “the man who killed Trayvon Martin should have never had a gun in the first place.” Zimmerman, who unconvincingly claims to not care about the negative critics or threats, didn’t seem to appreciate the democratic candidate’s comment.

One part of Zimmerman’s statement was true; he is free to do whatever he wants with his possessions. What doesn’t seem clear to Zimmerman is that his “freedom” to do so does not make him exempt from the harsh consequences–which is that any thinking person would deem him a living, breathing piece of shit. Zimmerman has made it clear that he is completely unaware that his actions on the night of February 26th in 2012 help kindle the Black Lives Matter movement, one of the most important social movements in this country today, and he’s expressed little remorse for taking a teenager’s life. It’s a harsh but true judgment: we shouldn’t expect anything but ignorance and hatred from this man.

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