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Thom Yorke Is Back, With Radiohead To Follow

Thom Yorke is back in our eardrums (ear holes? Whatever you call the orifice that you stick headphones in). Today, March 21st, marks the release of a new track, a collaboration with producer Mark Pritchard called “Beautiful People.” It’s a part of Pritchard’s new album, titled Under the Sun, which also features guest spots from legendary folk singer Linda Perhacs and electronic musician Bibio. “The original instrumental to ‘Beautiful People’ is a personal song about loss, hopelessness and chaos, but ultimately the message is love and hope,” Pritchard said in a press release. “Thom’s contribution to this collaboration captured perfectly what the piece is about. I will be forever grateful to have worked with such a immense talent.”

The song is airy and beautiful, featuring breathy vocals and delicate instrumentals. It’s lovely and slightly chilly all at once, kind of like the weather in New York right now. But while we’re happy to have this nice taste of Yorke, we’re soon due for a whole lot more. Last week, Radiohead announced a world tour, and an LP is forthcoming. Artist and longtime band collaborator Stanley Donwood called the album a “work of art,” but also confirmed that it’s not quite finished yet. We’re ready and waiting. Since January, Radiohead has also formed two companies, Dawn Chorus LLP and Dawnnchoruss Ltd. As Pitchfork pointed out, the band also formed companies before the surprise drops of both In Rainbows and The King of Limbs. So basically, get excited.

Image via Pitchfork.

Stay tuned to Milk for more breathy British tunes.

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