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threeASFOUR Talks Plant Consciousness, Sustainability, and Clothing Creation

Comprised of Angela Donhauser, Gabi Asfour, & Adi Gil, threeASFOUR, is the NY-based artist trio representing the future of clothing creation; a future with peace and coexistence at the forefront. With an emphasis on sustainability and collective consciousness, threeASFOUR designs all of their pieces to visually embody our growingly urgent need to work with and listen to our planet in all our endeavors. The collective merges fine art and high fashion to deconstruct the relationship between plants and humans; in their words, “anatomy meets botany.” 

With work globally displayed from Arnhem’s Mode Biennale to our very own Milk Gallery, and their designs have been used in collaboration with Bjork, Yoko Ono, Matthew Barney to name a few.

Milk stopped by their studio at Mana Contemporary to discuss the collective’s latest project on plant consciousness, Climate Week, and the overlap between fashion and the environment.

Tell us a little about your project on plant consciousness! How does it help spread the message of sustainability and eco-protection through its construction?

We have dedicated this project to the growing collective consciousness towards plants. Humans have been aware of the benefits of plants in select indigenous tribes throughout history but now we start seeing a rapid increase in the western world’s recognition to the multiple benefits of plants as food, drink, and medicine. Western Humans’ recent discovery of plants having feelings and emitting vibration makes us feel even closer to them… It is a great pleasure to witness and take part in such an important awakening.

Describe your practice, what are the main components and ideas that give structure to your work?

threeASFOUR have been always interested in expressing topics of peace and coexistence especially when it comes to our (humans) interconnection with the planet and all its components and beings.

How does the visual component of your art lend itself to conveying the underlying message of your work?

Geometry on the body: we are continuously exploring the sacred fractal geometry around the human body… we say: from the inside to the surface from the surface into space. In the case of this recent project, it’s anatomy meets botany, specifically the natural fractal venation found in the core structure of leaves and its connection to our electric body’s vascular and nervous systems.

What is the intersection between fine art and fashion in your eyes? How is this portrayed in your work?

We find difficulties describing what we make as fashion or art. We feel that clothing creation is a more accurate way to describe what we do. 

What does it mean to be sustainable as artists, to you?

Sustainability drives everything we do in how we live, how we create and produce. We strongly believe in circular economics as an extension of our circular pattern cutting.

The environment and climate change issues can oftentimes feel very daunting. How do you take environmental issues and make them digestible? 

It is extremely irresponsible for us to ignore the danger that’s facing our species in the very near future if we continue on the same track of waste and consumption. As a collective, we feel an urge to share and spread this as a message of our human body’s separation from its natural habitat.

Images courtesy of Mana Contemporary / Song Chong. 

Stay tuned to Milk for more artists we love. 

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