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Thutmose Talks "WuWu", Billie Eilish, And Kendrick Lamar

Nigerian-born, Brooklyn-raised rapper Thutmose is creating a new wave and clearing his path in the hip hop scene with his vibrant, feel good sounds. With his afro-centric roots and youthful New York City upbringing, Thutmose brings a colorful and refreshing melding of genre, culture, and time, pulling influences from the past, present, and future.

On the last leg of his tour with pop’s hottest newcomer Billie Eilish, Thutmose is maintaining momentum with the release of his vivacious and energetic track “WuWu”, that encompasses an invigorating zest for life that leaves you feeling nothing less than refreshed and vitalized.

MILK.XYZ sat down with Thutmose to talk touring, songwriting, and inspiration for the young contemporary rap pharaoh.

So you are currently on a sold out North American tour with Billie Eilish, how is that going?

Yeah, it’s going pretty great. Just soaking in her fan base and it’s a crazy experience. They’re die-hard fans, so they’re really passionate and supportive. It’s been amazing so far.

You’re both young, fresh and emerging artists. Both of you bring new eclectic styles to the table and it seems like you guys are complimenting each other well. How has this tour inspired you?

Yeah, yeah definitely. Obviously touring is a whole different experience than just dropping music and seeing the reaction online and it’s really positive. But seeing that reaction in person is crazy. It’s definitely been an inspirational experience.

You’ve gained a lot of recognition from your cover of Kendrick’s “Humble”. How does it feel to be notarized for such a massive track?

It feels good cause Kendrick is the reason I started recording songs like junior year of high school. Before that I would write poetry and other stuff. But after seeing him come out, that pushed me to write a little more. I started writing actual tracks and freestyles and what not.  But it’s cool to pay homage and have that track gain traction; I couldn’t have it any other way.

Beyond that, I feel you’re really revolutionizing your own contemporary sound. Being born in Nigeria and raised in Brooklyn, how have your African roots and New York upbringing influenced and shaped your music?

I think it influences a lot. Cultural influences that I had growing up, it all stuck with me. Growing up in Brooklyn it’s a different kind of history. Obviously, where big hip-hop artists like Jay Z, Biggie, and so many more come from. I just took from the experiences and upbringings from both sides and added it to my element.

Right on. What are some of your inspirations outside of music?

Outside of music, I’m a huge film lover. I love cinematography. That inspires my music more than anything. A lot of films are like real life. My first few songs are named after some of my favorite movies.

In the midst of this tour, you just dropped your single ‘WuWu.’  It’s a super vibey, feel good track. The production is so dope! What was the inspiration behind it?

I was in LA around this time last year, in November. I met this producer by the name of KillaGraham, and a few days after that I was feeling a lot of negative vibes and energy in the air so I wanted to create something to flip that switch, create some vibes and distract myself. KillaGraham and I created the track from scratch in like two hours on a random afternoon.

Wow, that’s super rad. Have you been writing a lot on this tour?

No, I actually haven’t been writing much on this tour. Just focusing on performing. Once the tour finishes here in a few days, I’ll definitely be writing more.

What’s your writing process like?

A year ago, I used to just look at beats online and write to them. But now days I love creating from scratch. I’ll get with a producer and just create whatever vibe I’m feeling that day, I’ll just try to lay it out on a track.

You’re making a huge breakthrough through into the scene. What’s next for you? Do you have any interesting collaborations coming up? Any cool projects?

Yeah, definitely. I just want to finish all this new music. I have 40, 50 new songs. Just want to get a few more out. Hopefully collaborate with some cool artists and just keep the momentum going. Maybe even hop on another tour, who knows.

What would a dream collaboration be for you?

Dead or alive? Hmm, Kendrick Lamar and Sade.

Lastly, I was curious about your name. Thutmose is a pharaoh. What does that represent to you?

To me it represents a powerful symbol. Especially being born in Nigeria, I just wanted a strong powerful symbol; self reflected back to my origin. I was just reading the story and I loved the concept of the king. When the king spoke, everyone listened.

Featured image via Thutmose

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