Tilda Swinton Entrances In 'A Bigger Splash' Trailer

“She is the woman of the century.” That’s what we hear when the trailer for The Bigger Splash begins, and the camera zooms in on Tilda Swinton’s silver painted face. She’s also wearing the fiercest sequined jumpsuit I’ve ever seen. The upcoming drama, from prolific Italian director Luca Guadignino, is set to be released on May 13th in the US, and considering the success of his past collaborations with Swinton (notably on The Protagonists and I Am Love) this film is set to make quite the splash. The star-studded cast will only add to a press tsunami, as the film also features Ralph Fiennes, Dakota Johnson, and Far From The Maddening Crowd’s ever sexy Matthias Schoenaerts.

Mama cougar approves this message.
Mama cougar approves this message.

Swinton plays a cougar rock star who takes a vacation with a younger boytoy (Schoenaerts) on a glamorous Italian island. She’s recovering from throat surgery in style. Their idyllic getaway is interrupted when her bangable ex shows up with his sex-bomb of a daughter. What began as a friendly hangout with the sexy ex quickly turned into a whirlpool of horniness and jealousy. Seriously, look at this trailer, and tell me that it doesn’t look like everyone is sleeping with each other.

Schoenaerts asks Swinton why she asks her ex to stay, to which she has no answer. Because of course she doesn’t! She’s Tilda fucking Swinton, and she can do whatever and whoever she wants–no questions asked. And I don’t blame her (both men are so damn hot).

The music grows increasingly tense as the editor cuts the shots to match the feeling of tachycardia. The trailer ends with police taping off the villa pool, and a close up of Swinton screaming and reaching for something…or someone. Who takes the biggest splash? And most importantly, where do you buy the sequined jumpsuit?

Stay tuned to Milk for more Swinton, always.

Images via Francois Nars and Tumblr.

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