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Toddler's Genetic Condition Brings Einstein Hair Back in Style

Aside from his obviously groundbreaking contributions to physics, quantum mechanics, philosophy of science and for receiving the 1921 Nobel Prize in physics, Albert Einstein is also recognizable for one distinct feature: his hair. That’s right, we all know him by his bright white, static hair that stood straight up from his head in all directions. Since Einstein’s rise to fame, the infamous do has been used throughout the years in pop culture to caricature the ‘mad scientist’ character. (Rick and Morty, anyone?)

But have you ever asked yourself why his hair was so, extremely ironically, uncooperative with gravity? Well, thanks to a two-year old Jaili Lamb from Arkansas, what’s known as “uncontrollable hair syndrome,” which is rumored to have affected Einstein himself, has made its way to the spotlight. The adorable toddler’s hair is basically identical to the physicist’s, her mother describing it “so bright white that when it catches the sun her whole head is iridescent. It’s almost like a little rainbow.” According the Daily Mail, people are constantly stopping them in the street to praise her “adorable” hair.

She also told Daily Mail that when her hair started turning coase and defying gravity, she tried everything to tame it, including hundreds of dollars worth of different hair products. After reading about a set of twins who had uncontrollable hair syndrome, she sent DNA samples to the Institute for Human Genetics at the University of Bonn last month. Turns out, Jaili carries a mutation in one of three genes involved in producing hair proteins, which is the main cause for the rare condition.

Jaili’s mom has now accepted that her daughter’s gorgeous, wiry white hair is untamable, and will keep a mind of its own. “She has a quirky personality and her hair is an extension of that,” she said.

Source: Daily Mail

Images via Daily Mail

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