On the heels of her debut album, 'World Vision', Genesis is back with a bang.



Tommy Genesis Talks Her Brand New Twisted Girl Anthem, "Empty"

Canada strikes again: just when we thought it had hit its talent ceiling (think Drake, Ebhoni, TiKA, and Lais…to name a few), Tommy Genesis is making waves, north of the border and beyond. After dropping a debut album, World Vision, last year, Genesis was quickly picked up by NYC’s own Downtown Records, and the result? An even realer, truer, more IDGAF version of her music than before. The verdict is in: we love her twisted sass, and we think you will too.

Ready to hear with your own ears? You’re in luck—Genesis just dropped her new “Empty” single today, and we’ve got it for you right here. So what are you waiting for? Peep the track below, then keep scrolling for our full interview.

Let’s talk about “Empty”. Can you just tell us a little about the single? What was the writing process like?

This is a track for the girlies. Sort of a twisted girl anthem. Where we just scream at the world that we’re not Empty. I wrote this track like a movie. I write a lot of tracks like movies. Where I play a part to evoke a feeling. This movie is about a girl who suddenly realizes her own self-worth. She falls in love with a beautiful girl, but still wants the attention of men. Then in the end just says fuck it all.

And that’s the first track you’re releasing with Downtown Records since you signed, right? Talk about how that partnership came about.

Yes it’s the first, it’s sort of the sinister child. I met Downtown in New York and Josh just really got me. Understood me. It’s not a feeling I get often.

So last year you dropped a debut album, World Vision. Where were you mentally at that point in your career?

I can’t even tell you, I didn’t know what I was making, I just made it. I still don’t know what I’m making, I like it that way. I don’t think too much I just make. I think the worst thing you can do is overthink—I don’t mean in the mixing process—I mean creatively. I just go with my instinct.

Do you think your music has evolved at all since you first started? If so, how?

That’s the obvious goal but it’s not for me to say. Doesn’t matter what I think.

Is music something you always knew you wanted for yourself? When did an actual serious career become a reality?

Not at all. I fell into it and it just formed around me. I’m the type of person that never looks up from my Art. I needed someone to come along and say- get up we’re sharing this with the world. Cause otherwise I’m genuinely happy to just make things in my room alone.

In what ways does your style influence your music, or vice versa?

I’ve answered this question so often at this point it just feels regurgitated. Every kid knows how style and music intersects. It’s become a regular part of life. They’re one.

What are your plans for the rest of 2017, and more long term, for your career? What’s the ultimate vision?

After the album drops, we keep it moving, onto the next. There is no ultimate vision. I like to keep it conceptually open-ended.

Featured image courtesy of Stephane Wafer

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