So long, 2016! It's been real.



Top 5 Songs to Ring in The New Year

2016—it’s been fun, but damn are we happy to wrap things up. It’s officially T minus 11 days until the New Year (not that we’re counting…) and with January 1st comes a much-needed fresh start. To end things on a high note: let’s properly say our goodbyes, and ring in 2017 with appropriately-dope festivities that rival the best 2016 had to offer.

First order of business: what’s a good party without top notch tunes? Peep our New Year’s round up for the perfect tracks to ring in 2017.

“1999” Prince

Rest in peace, Prince. The world said goodbye to another legend this year, and it’s only right to part ways with 2016 by paying tribute to the icon himself. 1999 is a fittingly apocalyptic party tune, and though it was released way back in 1982, it’s more relevant than ever.

“New Year’s Eve” Snoop Dogg

After a not-so-good year, it’s time to take a leaf out of Snoop Dogg’s NYE book and “make it a great night.” It’s never too late to end things on a high note.

“Starting Over” Black Lips

Say no more: if ever there was a perfect time to clean the slate, this is it. And if the Black Lips did it in 2009, there’s hope for 2017, too.

“In The New Year” The Walkmen

Contrary to fair assumption, The Walkmen actually wrote and released this song in the heat of summer ’08, alluding to the upcoming presidential election that later proved they were right when they sang “It’s gonna be a good year.” Perhaps an ironic choice in post-election 2016, but the hope remains: 2017 still has plenty of time to impress.

“Closing Time” Semisonic

Goodbye 2016, and good riddance. This aptly-named track, released in 1998 (another in a laundry list of gifts from our favorite decade) puts the words to all of our 2016 feels, namely that we’re so ready to be done. Onto the next!

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